Tomato 1.23.8513 ND for ASUS Router

Victek has released his latest and greatest Tomato Firmware for the ASUS Router (to be pricse – the WL500gP and WL520GU series). Basically its just like the normal tomato firmware, however it comes with some extras as we do know that ASUS routers do have a USB port in them and this opens room for folks to run their own FTP Server , file sharing , printer sharing and so on and now finally victek done that. But first , lets take a look at the change log shall we :-

USB Ready
FTP LAN/WAN server Ready with users and privileges.
Wireless driver wl_core revision >7
New theme (skin) upgrade.
Release 1.23.8620 RAF ND-USB

The new function/module found in an ASUS Router with the new tomato mod done by victek (Copyright (C) Victek)
The new function/module found in an ASUS Router with the new tomato mod done by victek (Copyright (C) Victek)

Great , lots of new stuff. Basically I like the idea of having a FTP Server with it so that its easier to share your files (music , personal photos via the Intranet {your local network} or over the Internet). Apart from that its nothing new , basically just adds the ability to make use of the USB Port. Anyway kudos to Victek for putting up a firmware for ASUS Routers. I think he clearly knows that there is a demand for asus routers

Download link to download his firmware for ASUS and other compatible routers such as Linksys WR54G, GL , GS and so on :-

Thanks again amigo

3 thoughts to “Tomato 1.23.8513 ND for ASUS Router”

  1. This is great info for QOS. Also the links are very interesting. I have one question about the Tomato Firmware by Victek. Does his compiled version for the Asus routers include MLPPP and USB functionality?

    1. Hello There Rick
      Well it does support USB , as in USB Drives (external hdds , flash drive , basically any sort of devices which makes use of generic mass storage device module) and not to mention printers. However keep in mind that this is victek’s newest firmware for this. I think he is really working hard on bringing the gap
      In short , yeah it does. However , let me remind you that this firmware is totally new !

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