Streamyx is slow

Guess Streamyx did it again. Its now extremely slow to surf Internet and even to check my facebook. Pages take ages to load and on top of that I am getting ridiculous download speeds. This makes it impossible for me to download latest , patches and updates
I wonder why we ( Malaysians) are being tortued to death by a single ISP which does provide a subpar services. Some may say switch but for those of us who do not have a choice basically – we are stucked with this one and only ISP. I think that TM should open up last mile and bring in new players. This way they can ease the burden of their lines and of course make people happy as when there is competition , the quality of services would improve as basically you’ll be competiting with one another ! Its healthy

5 thoughts to “Streamyx is slow”

  1. Guys,
    Try to switch your streamyx service to the new ISP just launched.
    Look for more info at this site:
    I like the speed, it’s 1000% better than streamyx.
    No more slow in speed and congested line like streamyx do to us.
    Hope this helps.

  2. I use jaring proxies to overcome this problem. It really helps. Just google using the keyword “jaring transparent proxies”.

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