Its about time….

Its about time for us to take action and bring this matter to the hands of those who can rectify this issue. Lately as we all do know that ,their so-called International link problem is killing us and I think it has been a week already that we are facing this issue. Our cries are left unheard and all we can do and sit and vent our anger to the “knowledgeable” customer care representative of TM. I do know that most of us are students or business-oriented people who would seriously need the Internet to do their things and unfortunately it has hindered our progress to becoming someone great (Okay , that’s too much – think of it as a metaphor . I mean it did hinder our daily routine)

Basically this picture sums it up for us. Streamyx is slow as hell these days and if we don't do anything solid there is no point of us having broadband in the first place || (C) firedauz @ belachan

I do have couple of plans in my mind ,on which I am asking for your help to make it into a  success. If we , Malaysians (the rakyats) team up together and report this issue to MCMC and to other authorities  or even bringing it into the newspaper. What I am asking here is for TM to give us a rebate for the issues caused by them , which I think it is reasonable for us consumers as we are unable to access the Internet (basically only local sites do load fast)  , which again defeats the purpose of the Internet. So , what you can do is at least fire up an e-mail to the following people and report to them about this issue and ask them to give us all streamyx users a rebate . If we team up together as one team , we can certainly make an impact. But If  its only you and me , its nothing. I doubt they even entertain our requests.
Anyway here are the e-mail addresses that you should send this letter to :-

ceo[at], gmmarketing[at] , aduan[at] , aduanskmm[at] , fomca[at]

If you want to take a look at a sample letter on how to write a formal e-mail to the folks over at TM , CFM and CMC. I would recommend you to head over to HeHeHunter’s site to get a rough idea on how to write a letter. Feel free to write as how you like – but keep in mind that it has to be formal !

Alternatively you may write in to newspapers such as The Star to voice out your anger and at the same time request TM to give us (its subscribers a rebate for their problem) . I do hope that you spread this message to your friends and family members and let us together make an impact for the better future of broadband here in Malaysia !
Feel free to vent our your anger here over at your suggestion or link to your site if you ever mention about this. Oh , yes I forget to mention you may copy and paste my message and the e-mail addresses provided here to your site to spread the message. I don’t even mind if you don’t give me a credit. Basically , all we want as a Malaysian is that a better Internet service just like our neighboring countries – Singapore  and Thailand !

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