TmNet 2Mbps/4Mbps Package is Now Nationwide

It seems that TmNet has finally launched their expensive and overpriced 2Mbps and 4Mbps service nationwide in West Malaysia. Well that means for those of you who are carving for 2Mbps or 4Mbps package. Now you have a choice. This is the official announcement which I am cutting and pasting it from here

Kindly be informed that Streamyx 2Mbps & 4Mbps (HSI) is available NATIONWIDE. The HSI packages will be available in selected location (where IPDSLAM resides). Service also will be provisioned based on outcome from technical testing at the point of installation. Packages that available in the system are as per below:
ยท Streamyx 2.0M (Streamyx Combo) โ€“ RM140
ยท Streamyx 4.0M (Streamyx Combo) โ€“ RM160

Firstly , we all do know that streamyx is overpriced and its congested as in a sense that bandwidth is being shared. TMNet also thorttles large bulk traffic such as BitTorrent and even YouTube traffic. From what I’ve heard from a guy who is with TM is that , this packages aren’t capped per username and at DSLAM (like your 512Kbps/1Mbps) , whereby its capped in DSLAM (aka the port) itself. This would be an advantage if you could get persuade the technician to cap at a higher speed. I was told that for 2Mbps package (if the line is good) , you could get capped at 2-3.5 Mbps – meaning that you’ll enjoy a faster speed and as for 4Mbps , you can get it capped up to 8Mbps. It depends how you deal with it
As for are there any differences and is it worth to upgrade. I’l lleave that up to you , read my first part of how to troubleshoot your connection here to check if your line is okay and then ask yourself if you’re sharing the connection with a lot of people or are you a heavy downloader. Most importantly , are you willing to pay for it. The quality of the service is remarkably questionable .
Nevertheless , I’ve signed up for 4Mbps and I’ll let you know the outcome if I am sucessful or not and if possible to see if I can get capped at a higher speed (and if the hypothesis holds true) !

3 thoughts to “TmNet 2Mbps/4Mbps Package is Now Nationwide”

  1. Nationwide “where IPDSLAM resides”…..
    i.e. in not very many places.
    I tried to apply for an upgrade to 2Mbps at Ampang Point for Taman Sri Ukay & the TM kedai said I couldn’t, even though a tech had test my line to be ok up to 8 Mbps. I told him I would like to submit despite his protests & he told me that in that case he would rip it up as soon as I left.
    I also applied for my other house about 2 weeks ago – haven’t even heard a word from them yet…
    I’ll believe all of this when I see the van pull up at the front door, not when TM wastes another few million in advertising! ๐Ÿ™‚

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