Tomato 1.23.8513 ND for ASUS Router

Victek has released his latest and greatest Tomato Firmware for the ASUS Router (to be pricse – the WL500gP and WL520GU series). Basically its just like the normal tomato firmware, however it comes with some extras as we do know that ASUS routers do have a USB port in them and this opens room for folks to run their own FTP Server , file sharing , printer sharing and so on and now finally victek done that. But first , lets take a look at the change log shall we :-

USB Ready
FTP LAN/WAN server Ready with users and privileges.
Wireless driver wl_core revision >7
New theme (skin) upgrade.
Release 1.23.8620 RAF ND-USB

The new function/module found in an ASUS Router with the new tomato mod done by victek (Copyright (C) Victek)
The new function/module found in an ASUS Router with the new tomato mod done by victek (Copyright (C) Victek)

Great , lots of new stuff. Basically I like the idea of having a FTP Server with it so that its easier to share your files (music , personal photos via the Intranet {your local network} or over the Internet). Apart from that its nothing new , basically just adds the ability to make use of the USB Port. Anyway kudos to Victek for putting up a firmware for ASUS Routers. I think he clearly knows that there is a demand for asus routers

Download link to download his firmware for ASUS and other compatible routers such as Linksys WR54G, GL , GS and so on :-

Thanks again amigo

Circuit fault caused the Slowdown – TM

First let me copy and paste the news from The Star. Read down for my comment and views. I am sure you do know my blogging style by now already !

PETALING JAYA: Streamyx broadband users will have to bear with sluggish surfing speeds until March 5 due to technical problems, according to a statement by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM).
The statement said there has been a disruption of TM’s Internet services since Feb 18 due to circuit faults on the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) between Malaysia and the United States.
Due to this, customers using Internet services may now experience slow browsing while accessing content hosted in the United States, said the statement.
Additionally, customers using Internet Protocol services such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other critical business applications linked to the United States may also experience some service degradation.
To alleviate the problem and ease the congestion, some links have been rerouted, TM said.
Source : The Star

Woah – Wait a second – since 18th February 2009 and now only they wrote it in the newspaper (as of in 25th February 2009). Well , I understand that it takes time for you to publish in a newspaper but how about at least keeping customers informed like JARING on their main web-site.  Anyway , two days I go I sent a letter to TM on this issue and asking politely a rebate from them as pretty much Internet is slow and they called me yesterday to verify my details and so on. I’ll let you know the outcome anyway don’t keep your hopes high as I think that they wouldn’t be giving the rebate streamyx users at all – but then you may never know !
Oh wait , I totally forgot. Im unable to access our own ISP page at all – TM’s net page (as of today – the 25th February 2009 at 5.59 pm)
Edit : Well its back up and finally they put a message about it !
Lastly , I urge you (if you’re having any sort of issues) to step forward and send a letter to MCMC , FOMCA and other organisations in order for them to investigate and at least give us a rebate. For me principal is important – as in how you take care your customers. Giving them this sort of information at the 11th hour wouldn’t be solving any kind of issues.  I feel pity those who use the Internet for assigmenets or for their business !

Its about time….

Its about time for us to take action and bring this matter to the hands of those who can rectify this issue. Lately as we all do know that ,their so-called International link problem is killing us and I think it has been a week already that we are facing this issue. Our cries are left unheard and all we can do and sit and vent our anger to the “knowledgeable” customer care representative of TM. I do know that most of us are students or business-oriented people who would seriously need the Internet to do their things and unfortunately it has hindered our progress to becoming someone great (Okay , that’s too much – think of it as a metaphor . I mean it did hinder our daily routine)

Basically this picture sums it up for us. Streamyx is slow as hell these days and if we don't do anything solid there is no point of us having broadband in the first place || (C) firedauz @ belachan

I do have couple of plans in my mind ,on which I am asking for your help to make it into a  success. If we , Malaysians (the rakyats) team up together and report this issue to MCMC and to other authorities  or even bringing it into the newspaper. What I am asking here is for TM to give us a rebate for the issues caused by them , which I think it is reasonable for us consumers as we are unable to access the Internet (basically only local sites do load fast)  , which again defeats the purpose of the Internet. So , what you can do is at least fire up an e-mail to the following people and report to them about this issue and ask them to give us all streamyx users a rebate . If we team up together as one team , we can certainly make an impact. But If  its only you and me , its nothing. I doubt they even entertain our requests.
Anyway here are the e-mail addresses that you should send this letter to :-

ceo[at], gmmarketing[at] , aduan[at] , aduanskmm[at] , fomca[at]

If you want to take a look at a sample letter on how to write a formal e-mail to the folks over at TM , CFM and CMC. I would recommend you to head over to HeHeHunter’s site to get a rough idea on how to write a letter. Feel free to write as how you like – but keep in mind that it has to be formal !

Alternatively you may write in to newspapers such as The Star to voice out your anger and at the same time request TM to give us (its subscribers a rebate for their problem) . I do hope that you spread this message to your friends and family members and let us together make an impact for the better future of broadband here in Malaysia !
Feel free to vent our your anger here over at your suggestion or link to your site if you ever mention about this. Oh , yes I forget to mention you may copy and paste my message and the e-mail addresses provided here to your site to spread the message. I don’t even mind if you don’t give me a credit. Basically , all we want as a Malaysian is that a better Internet service just like our neighboring countries – Singapore  and Thailand !

Streamyx is slow

Guess Streamyx did it again. Its now extremely slow to surf Internet and even to check my facebook. Pages take ages to load and on top of that I am getting ridiculous download speeds. This makes it impossible for me to download latest , patches and updates
I wonder why we ( Malaysians) are being tortued to death by a single ISP which does provide a subpar services. Some may say switch but for those of us who do not have a choice basically – we are stucked with this one and only ISP. I think that TM should open up last mile and bring in new players. This way they can ease the burden of their lines and of course make people happy as when there is competition , the quality of services would improve as basically you’ll be competiting with one another ! Its healthy

Maxis' Disconnects Users Who Have Hit The Limit

It seems that Maxis now disconnects/suspense users who have reached the limit (i.e 3G). So far it seems that only a handful of users have been suspended according to this thread here. When asked why they were suspended , it seems that Maxis staff told them that they have reached the limit and they have to wait till the next billing cycle whereby they are allowed to surf the Internet.
I am not sure if this is their new kind of enforcement whereby they can manage bandwidth better as I do think that they have a couple of users who are hogging the bandwidth very much and/or their numbers of users are increasing at a rapid rate and they are running out of bandwidth.Oh for your information , in the early days of it , Maxis didnt even impose such thing and later they imposed a 20GB cap (verbally said and its not written in their site)  and now they are really enforcing 3GB limit !  If we take a look at what is written in their Terms of Service , it is clearly stated that :-

5.3 Excessive Usage
5.3.1 Each customer’s total usage per month shall NOT exceed 3GB of data volume transmitted (total upload and download usage). This is to ensure that no individual hogs the bandwidth at all times.
5.3.2 Maxis reserves the right to reject the said application or charge for any additional data volume transmitted from what is already allocated.

Taken from Maxis’ Fair Usage Policy on Tueday , February 17th 2009
Now if you read (or re-read their terms) again. Its clearly stated that users must not exceed the limit . However Maxis didn’t write anything about what they’ll do to users who have exceeded the limit. As for Celcom and P1 Wireless, well its written that if the user exceeds the limit , he/she would be throttled at a slower speed till end of the month (which I think is fair {emapthise on the word} ). Secondly , if you take a look at point 5.3.2 , it is also clearly written that Maxis may charge you for any additional data volume from what is already allocated – So just keep that in mind my friends , if you’re using Maxis Wireless – chances are you may be charged extra.
In my opinon , I think its totally unfair for Maxis to do such a thing when they clearly advertise their service as a broadband service. I do have couple of suggestions in store for them. Firstly , raise the limit to say 10-15GB – a resonable limit and then once the user has reached his/her limit thorttle to a slower speed say 256Kbps (which I find is resonable). Another way they can try to lure customers from Celcom is by imposing happy hours just like rapidshare , suppose a user has reached his limit , during these happy hours (aka off-peak hours , his limit would be lifted and he can enjoy the maximum speed that he has subscribed for). I do hope maxis do consider the suggestions which I’ve given and hopefully improvise on their service. If they still continue to progress at this rate and care about profits and large number of user base (rather then customer satisfication) , I would say that they can say goodbye to the broadband industry as there are more players such as P1 are doing a good job on collecting real data from customers !

TmNet 2Mbps/4Mbps Package is Now Nationwide

It seems that TmNet has finally launched their expensive and overpriced 2Mbps and 4Mbps service nationwide in West Malaysia. Well that means for those of you who are carving for 2Mbps or 4Mbps package. Now you have a choice. This is the official announcement which I am cutting and pasting it from here

Kindly be informed that Streamyx 2Mbps & 4Mbps (HSI) is available NATIONWIDE. The HSI packages will be available in selected location (where IPDSLAM resides). Service also will be provisioned based on outcome from technical testing at the point of installation. Packages that available in the system are as per below:
· Streamyx 2.0M (Streamyx Combo) – RM140
· Streamyx 4.0M (Streamyx Combo) – RM160

Firstly , we all do know that streamyx is overpriced and its congested as in a sense that bandwidth is being shared. TMNet also thorttles large bulk traffic such as BitTorrent and even YouTube traffic. From what I’ve heard from a guy who is with TM is that , this packages aren’t capped per username and at DSLAM (like your 512Kbps/1Mbps) , whereby its capped in DSLAM (aka the port) itself. This would be an advantage if you could get persuade the technician to cap at a higher speed. I was told that for 2Mbps package (if the line is good) , you could get capped at 2-3.5 Mbps – meaning that you’ll enjoy a faster speed and as for 4Mbps , you can get it capped up to 8Mbps. It depends how you deal with it
As for are there any differences and is it worth to upgrade. I’l lleave that up to you , read my first part of how to troubleshoot your connection here to check if your line is okay and then ask yourself if you’re sharing the connection with a lot of people or are you a heavy downloader. Most importantly , are you willing to pay for it. The quality of the service is remarkably questionable .
Nevertheless , I’ve signed up for 4Mbps and I’ll let you know the outcome if I am sucessful or not and if possible to see if I can get capped at a higher speed (and if the hypothesis holds true) !

Kudos to P1 & Some Updates

Its been a long time since I’ve touched my blog anyway. I have been busy lately as you most of you guys do know. Anyway, this time – I would like to take this opportunity to praise P1 WiMax on their new feedback system for us Trial users and as well as their new packaging scheme. Well , every week we are required to fill out whats the speed that we get , our latency (ping rates) and hows the speed and so on. I think its a good way for them to collect data and monitor to improvise their service , as I am slowly seeing that they are doing couple of changes based on user-feedback (which is again great , this is because you’re winning users’ hearts over) . One thing that caught my heart is that they clearly ADVERTISE whats the limit that we are allowed to use before ‘fair usage policy kicks in’ (in other words , your speed would be throttled aka your bandwidth would be managed)

New P1 WiMax packages
New P1 WiMax packages- Most importantly the user cap is stated clearly for each of the packages. Its not hidden or typed in very very small font !

One thing though – I do find 5GB is too little for Lite users. Hopefully they do raise the cap to 10GB , this way at least lite users do have a chance as well. Why am I saying this is because updates for Windows , anti-virus definition , new software are getting bigger and bigger by day and I don’t think that 5GB is enough personally. Anyway , its a great move of highlighting the cap , so far this is the first ISP which have ever done so (Shame on you Maxis and Celcom for not stating it clearly in the site.)
Next up , is the feedback form which we have to submit every week or every time when we call up the Customer Care representative. Well I kinda like the whole concept whereby we can share our opinon and give our own feedback to them. As someone who is taking statistics , the data would help a lot for them to determine the pattern and usage behaviour . This is very important to get the sample from a very small population to determine how it would be like for a large population. Anyhow  , let me take a screenshot of how the survey form looks like , so you folks can take a look at it for yourself
The survey thingy - All you have to do is just fill it up !
The survey thingy - All you have to do is just fill it up !

These are great moves (both marketing and strategy wise). I just do hope that they do enable port forwarding/pass through in the modem , that allows P1 WiMax users to host games (especially if you’re a gamer) or to allow applications to link up to the outside world (i.e Torrent applications and so on). This is great especially if you plan to run test web server , php server , game server whereby you want outsiders to connect and tes it all together. Currently its not possible. But I do hope its possible by end of this month !
P.S to P1 WiMax folks – If you’re reading this as well , come up with a package for gamers as well. It would be great , just provide them with the best “route” or “optimised ping times” for them to play online role playing games without any lag !. For gamers , latency is important as opposed to speed.

Busy Busy Busy

Great , as I just wanted to update my blog with new things – I am now tied down with stuff. Sometimes , I don’t even know what I am typing or doing basically. It just goes blank. Well , lets see – I need to blog a couple more stuff and update this and that
I’ll let you know the outcome. Yes , 2nd part is coming up and my mini Windows 7 review would be up later as well
Ciao !

Windows 7 Fujitsu U1010/U810 Auto Rotation

Quick post from my u1010. Just installed Windows 7 and managed to get rotation thingy to work properly. People were complaining but I did manage to get it to work. It seems that Fujitsu didn’t update the drivers for U1010. Instead they supplied it for U2010. Here is the quick guide
I’ll update the full one later
What I did was to download U2010 Drivers for U1010 (I know it sounds dumb , but Fujitsu didn’t bother to update their drivers for U1010)
Go there and download
Fujitsu System Extensions Utility (make sure to remove the old one)
Update that
Now here comes the tricky part. You gotta do this trick. Uninstall both U1010 Button driver and its utility
Then install U2010 Button Driver , it will just update the device and say it would work. Now install the utility. Your buttons should work however , it will moan about auto rotation saying it can’t find suitable resolution.
Now you’ll have to uninstall U2010 Button Utility and re-install back U1010 Button Utility. Try auto-rotating , voila it works
The rest will come