Help Mankind by [email protected]

[email protected] is a great project organised by Pande Group and Stanford University to
understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.” What it simply means that , they are using computers (well super computers) to run some mambo jumbo calculations to find the cause and hopefully cure for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, mad cow disease, cancer, Huntington’s disease and other diseases which are related to it .
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How to get traffic with 'XML-RPC ping'

First of all , we all do know that WordPress just kicks-butt. Its one of the coolest blogging software that I’ve ever used. One thing that most of us wouldn’t take it for granted is WordPress does include a nifty feature which is also known as XML-RPC Ping. I know it sounds too geeky and technical , but its a great tool.
Trust me on that one , it would seriously get you a couple of visitors and readers for your blog if you do have good content in it or if you have something that you would like to share it with other folks . Its a nice way to get traffic without doing anything. All you have to do is just post and then forget about it. Well , its not like you have to click advertisements or register through some sites and get referral to get traffic. Its just for lazy folks such as myself and it doesn’t even hurt your blog at all.
Well what are you waiting for then – Just click on read more and do get some information about it !
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Speeding up YouTube Videos

youtube-logoLately we all do know that sometimes YouTube video takes ages to buffer , as it could be the fact that its being throttled by your ISP , you’re having a slow connection or simply it could mean that you’re doing other stuff or you’re bandwidth is being shared by other application or reasons. Whatever your reasons can be , fear not there is a way of speeding up YouTube videos.
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My Thoughts on the Current Crisis @ Middle East

Well , this seriously reminds me of a game which I’ve just recently played – Fallout 3. Well , for those of you who don’t know really know about the whole Fallout series , its basically about how things are after a nuclear war. Thats not important , what is important is how things do look like after post-apocalyptic. Well , you should seriously take a look at screenshots and the game itself. Anyway here are some clips  that I’ve managed to get from YouTube. Its worth to see how the whole scenario looks like , the game play and just imagine..HOW you would be like and how things would be around you
Okay , lets get back to what I was talking about. Basically , I just want to say that war doesn’t determine who is right – only who is left. That is all that maters , you may be the wrong but the other guy could be right – but you’re just risking life of innocent parties both sides. Can’t we just end it peacefully. If not , I can’t just imagine what will happen – imagine a nuclear war. What will happen to us  , even if we survive. The faith of us (when I say us – all of us , human beings regardless of your skin colour , gender , religion , your political view and stuff. Do you think we can lead a life after that ? After playing that game , I found out that , its not all about winning and seriously I do salute the veterans who have fought in battles. I do think that they know the true pain and suffering of war. I would recommend you to listen to this song , yeah its from Fallout 3. I just want you to get the meaning of it , just truly understand what the message is all about. It conveys a strong message
P.S – The Song’s Title is ‘ I don’t want to set the world on fire‘ by Ink Spot (Click to get the lyrics and the music score for piano/guitar chords )
As for my conclusion of today’s entry , well I don’t care who is right or who is wrong . It may start off with 2 countries , but then it would roll up as big as a snowball , which would involve many other nations and sooner or later our we’re pretty much in it as well. You may say that we are safe , but just try to ponder a bit. Is this what we want ? Is this the way you want our grandchildrens to see the world – full of radioactive waste materials , distructions and mutated creatures (including  humans). I would seriously value your feedback on what you think about the current issues and your thoughts on war in general !

I'm into Making Money Guide & Tips

Oh well , let me read your mind. Let me guess , you would say – Oh god , here we go again. Another guy trying to promote how he made $500USD in one day by reading some unknown ebook and which then would force you to pay to get the rest of the content. Now , I wouldn’t want to go into detail , as we all do know how those sites scam and don’t really tell you how they actually made it
I do promise myself to share how I am going to earn and post updates from time to time on this issue. Keep in mind , this isn’t my primary focus. Think of it as a side dish , my primary focus would sbe still on Malaysian issue and not to forget about my passion on computers !

Choosing the Right Netbook Part 2

Well , if you haven’t read my part 1. You should read that first , anyway let me continue. Most of us are stuck in a dilemma when choosing a netbook , as there are many flavours to it . Now let me break it down for you and lets do compare it right from a-z , right from Processor , HDD , RAMs and things like that. Don’t worry , I’ll be putting it in plain English (Hopefully its understandable) .
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Linux for PS2 – without the Linux Kit

Well as we all do know that Linux works well with PS2. All you need is a network adapter and a hard disc and fork out $50 USD for Sony Linux Kit. Well the issue is that I want to get those stuffs here in Malaysia and unfortunately , nobody is selling those stuff here , even the network adapter for Playstation 2. After years of finding one , I’ve finally given up on running linux on the PS2.
Yesterday , while I was watching YouTube videos on playstation 2 hacks and stuff. I stumbled across a video whereby a guy managed to get his PS2 Slim to boot the linux loader via the USB. Now that’s something amazing. Well if you feel geeky and want to give it a go , I recommend you to check out this link

PS2 Linux - with External USB Drive
PS2 Linux - with External USB Drive

For now , here is a picture. Currently , it does load linux and startx (but I can’t do anything , it doesn’t want to regonise the keyboard/mouse. So What i am doing is that I am trying to figure it out a way to get X fully working. If that works , I’ll have a GUI and then I can slowly start to use it as my backup PC). Well I plan to use this to do [email protected] tasks and other stuff. I’ll keep you posted. For now here is a picture , if I acan get it to run properly , i’ll try my best to write a tutorial. Writing a tutorial for these kind of stuff is tedious ,especially when configuration varies form one person and other. Now I’ve my hopes and hopefully I can get the GUI and everything else to work properly. Once that is done , finally my PS2 is a computer
Now who says we need PS3 or new gaming console. I believe that we can actually get old things running to serve us well !