Installing Playstation2 Media Center !

Well , remember my old article which I’ve talked about on how to convert your PlayStation 2 to play movie files , mp3 , mp4 and so on. It had one catch , which is you aren’t able to use the DVD-ROM Drive to play discs and so on. I’ve had a member commented on this and he wanted to find a way if its possible to do run these programs from a memory card
Well now you could do. I wouldn’t be writing a tutorial this time , instead I would be linking with two YouTube videos which should help you to install the whole thing. This is mainly because I don’t have the time to write a complete tutorial (If I’ve the time , I would certainly do it)
Well if you do have any trouble or anything else , just kindly let me know. Post a comment or e-mail personally and I’ll get to you and try to assist you with this. Anyway , McBoot is actually an alternative boot loader which allows you load programs in your memory card so that you could run off from it. Think of it as installing a .prc file in your Palmtop !

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  1. This system also allows you to use custom software, like emulators (play gameboy, sega… games on PS2), use of USB, harddisk (internal or usb) and network, patch save games… It allows you to make backups of your games on CD or even on hard disk. I’ve tested it all with the old bulky PS2 and it works very well. Network-harddisk adapters can be found on e-bay, and can be cheap if you look around and are patient.

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