Your say on the Second Fiscal Stimulus !

Today, as usual while checking the daily news @ The Star Online site (and not to mention to read the good ol’ newspaper – There is nothing like reading the newspaper the old fashion way). I stumbled across this article , which basically states that the Malaysian DPM (Deputy Prime Minister) has allowed us (malaysians) to voice out our say on the second economy package to boost our economy. Pretty much we can give comments and feedback on how to improvise the service.
So I took this opportunity to comment and to voice out my mumblings and my opinon as life being a student. Its not easy being a student (I know most of you do) , especially living in times like this . So basically , I said hopefully the money could be used to decrease cost-pull inflation which is hurts the consumers such as us. Anyway , what i would like to say is that , you too should voice out your say to our DPM and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our DPM , Y.B Dato’ Najib Tun Razak for using blogs/Internet as a channel to gather ideas from Malaysians who are in the country and as well as  malaysians who are living in other countries

My Comment
My Comment @ Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak's blog

So if you have something to say , then click on this link (its his blog site) and then post your comment there. Who knows, for all you may know his decisions would have been influenced by us the rakyats ! – Do us all a favour and do  your duty as a citizen !

2 thoughts to “Your say on the Second Fiscal Stimulus !”

    1. Who knows , we may never know. I am just hoping for the best ! Just keep our fingers crossed (or in other words , just say our prayers and hopefully it would be beneficial to the rakyat)

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