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Well this is my review of the torrent service site BlazingFiles. (This is something like a sponsored review , not really sponsored in sense that I get paid when I write this review. I was given an account by folks @ blazing files and they want me to review completely). I promise to you , that I’ll be writing this review in my own view of point. Yes , if I don’t like certain aspects , I’ll criticize it as well !

Before we get into the review , we all do know that our ISPs do block torrent and p2p stuff , especially here in Malaysia. I’ve also heard that it was being blocked in many other countries. The main reason why is that torrent consumes a lot of traffic , connections. Imagine , a PC has to make thousands of concurrent connection just to get one piece of file – For ISP , its not a big deal. They usually want to maximize profit and they’ll always tag home user connection on best effort basis. For ISPs , with the emerging success of torrent as a way to distribute copyrighted files , they do feel threaten (not to mention the folks over at flim industry and the music industry). You may ask – why the ISP and what it has got to do with this – well its their connection. They have a limited set of cables and imagine if its being used 24/7 by users who enjoy downloading copyrighted material , it clogs up the whole network. That’s how they view it and as for end-users – Its not fair as we aren’t making use for what we are paying for
This is where exactly BlazingFiles kicks in. Its a uTorrent UI Web service provider , which basically acts as the middle man between you and the Internet/Bit Torrent network. The server which runs uTorrent (a torrent client) would download torrent files (any task that you ask it to download) and you’ll able to fetch/retrieve the files via HTTP/FTP – just like how you would download programs , trialware from sites such as Since , you’re downloading it through HTTP protocol , an ISP can’t do much to throttle you . Pretty much you’ll be downloading at blazing fast speed what your broadband offers.
Basics of uTorrent WebUI(Brief History and its purpose)
Now you may say , well there are lots of providers out there that we can use to bypass this restriction and to get our daily dosage of “you know what”. Why choose BlazingFiles over other services ?. The answer is simply because I do know the folks who are running it and we met through (you may want to read this article as well). Well , these guys seem to be knowledgeable in this field. They did couple of trial runs before releasing/marketing their service – in other words they did their homework. and lets test it how it performs on our connection. Okay now lets take how to torrent files via the Server
First thing is simple , once you have registered. The administrator gives you your username and password to your file control panel and access to your uTorrent WebUI. This is how the uTorrent WebUI looks like :-

uTorrent WebUI
uTorrent WebUI - Everything is easy and straight forward just like uTorrent UI itself (refer Screenshot 2 below after ths)

It looks pretty simple to me. Everything is straight forward & Its fairly simple , just upload the .torrent files which you have downloaded and leave it to download. They do advertise that the download speech is capable of reaching 1250 kilobytes/sec , but so far I’ve only managed to get it around 500-1000 kilobytes/sec. For Publicly listed torrnet , its not possible to achieve at that speed. Even if you take a look at it , the speeds are fairly okay , but there is one advantage over downloading it via your PC directly – you’ll be saving your electricty bill and of course making the world greener (as you don’t have to turn on the PC , leaving it on for overnight downloads) . So all you have to do is check when the torrent is done. So far , there is any e-mail reminder which would be sent , once a torrent is done. It would be great if there is an e-mail reminder which alerts the user once the torrent is done ,especially those of us who checks our e-mail on the go.
Wow @ the speed - It seems that the speed is picking up after leaving it to download for several minutes

BlazingFiles Added Services
Besides that , they do have a file monitoring utility , account status (which monitors when your account is going to expire and so on) , and lastly but not least they do have an option to download via HTTP or via FTP as opposed to some uTorrent services which only allows you to download via FTP !. Lets take a look at the user control panel , shall we :-
The File Management System of BlazingFiles
The File Management System of BlazingFiles

The Test
In this test , I would like to test the speed of how fast would it download when I am downloading the same file from the server. I’ve used two broadband services in this test , one is P1 WiMax and the other one is streamyx. You can take a look at the results below :-
Download Speed via HTTP - Streamyx - From BlazingFiles

Download Speed via HTTP - WiMax - From BlazingFiles

Now lets take a look at the download speed shall we. I am getting about 60-80 Kilobytes/sec (constant) on my streamyx connection. That is somewhat disappointing for me. Now when I tried to use it with my P1 WiMax connection ( You may want to read the review here) , i’m getting around 160-180 Kilobytes/sec. So , its not bad ants as fast as downloading from rapidshare or from megaupload.
Its reasonably priced per GB. For as low as RM 15 a month for 5GB. So its okay. I was just hoping for they’ll include RM 15 for like 7GB or at least bit more. Other then that its okay , bang for buck. Not to mention that they allow you to seed unlike similarly priced torrent services whereby they block you from seeding. Its something great but however you can only upload at 30 Kilobytes/sec. But its still possible to use it to seed torrents this would be great for those of us who are using pirate trackers , as usually they would ask you to maintain a ratio of 1:1 in order to keep your account alive !

Conclusion & Summary of the review :-
I’ve to say that I am impressed with the services provided by the folks over at BlazingFiles. One nice thing I like about the folks who are pulling the curtains (the administraotrs and co-founders) are that the fact they listen to their customers . For your information , I am the one who suggested them to serve files via HTTP as well as FTP ! – So if you’re into suggesting things , these guys are all open. Nevertheless , for those of you who are too lazy to read the whole review or if you would like the summary here you go :-
Pros :-

  • HTTP Downloads and as well as FTP Downloads (Best in both worlds)
  • Mobile uTorrent UI and Standard (so you can check on the go)
  • File Management and Friendly Customer Support (not too bad, they are tentative and willing to work with you)
  • Price : Functionality (Seeding ability and so on) – Bang for buck

Cons :-

  • No e-mail notification on completed torrent (I would prefer this because I’ve push mail enabled , meaning that my e-mails would be like my text messages. It would be instant)
  • Would prefer higher upload speed (I don’t mind paying say an extra RM 5-10 (MYR) for an additional upload slots/upload speed). I would also personally prefer them to cap at a higher speed
  • File Manager which lacks of RAR/zip/compress functionality. This is a must-have if you would like to download several files in one file. I do hope that they implement this function

Overall , I would recommend anyone to switch over or try BlazingFiles a shot , if you really want to try out a torrent service
For more details , check out BlazingFiles site here or check out their sales thread @ LYN here

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