Boycotting US products ain't a good idea

It was a response by many folks of here Malaysia on thinking of boycotting US Products is the only solution out there to stop the war in Gaza (which thankfully was halted thanks to the co-operating of both sides , may God Bless them – but its sad that we can’t bring back people/innocent lives that were “scarified” in war).
But that my friend , is war all about.That’s the price you have to pay at the end. Now , lets get back to my story – Firstly, there are some major facts that we should accept – that we can’t live without US. Yes , its a fact. People may find substitute goods but then not all goods can be substituted. For instance,  let me cite and example from the computer world. For instance , processors – Intel and AMD are both made in the US and so does the system that powers our PC – Microsoft Windows and MacOSX (I am not bringing linux in as its another story) . If we boycott them , pretty much we are disconnected from the world. Imagine a whole country is being powered without computers – now I could imagine that. Not to mention bloggers who are earning money through the internet via advertisers who are solely based in US . This is another example also. These are just some of the examples
Now lets take a look at the economic view of point , US is the largest trading partner for Malaysia. You can get the figures from this site , which is taken from CIA Factbook. Don’t worry , I’ll just explain in simpler terms. If we cut demand for US products , meaning that we would stop buying US Products. In return , US will slowly cut our exports (as they wouldn’t want to trade). Remember , US is the largest trading partner , this causes our demand for malaysian goods to fall – causing our currency to depreciate over time – meaning that people/investors think that its not worth to invest or to keep hold of the money. Pretty much when nobody wants our currency and uh product , we will be going down the hill a bit. Some may disgree but the facts are there , US is our largest net importer (they import our stuff and from all over the world). Not to mention , if US factories (such as seagate , Intel , etc) closes down their production plant in Malaysia – people would lose their jobs and unemployment rate would go up

The Supply and demand
The Supply and demand- Yes , everyone needs candy and microprocessors/computers too

– Take a look at the comic strip above to get the illustration about just what is supply and demand. The basic concept of it
Imagine if you were working as a part timer in KFC or McDonalds , and what if it gets shut down ? How are you going to get your source of income for you to pay for your daily expenses. Especially if you’re a university student. These are just examples that people don’t think or take into consideration
So its up to you. If you want to stop war and if you like to maintain peace. There are many ways to oppose this. I too hate war , as its something dark and cruel. For now , lets all thank god and both the countries for maintaining peace in the middle east. Thats one headache over for the world and we still have other matters to attend too !

3 thoughts to “Boycotting US products ain't a good idea”

  1. well Pradeesh, I agree with that..haha this boycotting issues were really a mess. For me this boycotting thingy is up to individuals..Anyway do u drink coke today??hahaha

  2. naahh.. some things have their alternatives, their oc. just choose their oc that not support US 😛
    Sudah “puasa” McD lama nih. Lol. Have been avoinding it and choose Nan and Tandori. Lol.
    p/s- updated my website. (change hosting, bla bla..)
    Mane Christy Calson Romano nih? Lol.

    1. Well there are certainly alternatives for it. No doubt for that , but you must understand that a lot of our own people who are working McD. So I do pity them as well
      Anyway , I’ll check your site later and yes will post more about Christy later. I seriously need to create my own personal blog !

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