Upscale MP3/Audio with ffdshow

Many people do ask me how to improve audio quality with ffdshow audio. Well thankfully there is a simple way to “upscale” the audio to an acceptable quality especially if you have a good set of speakers and not to mention a dedicated sound card. When I mention dedicated sound card , you need to be using a 24-bit PCI Soundcard such as Creative SoundBlaster otherwise its a no go. Onboard cards such as Realtek are unable to upscale the audio properly. So lets get started first shall we.
Requirements :-

  • ffdshow installed (prefberly  latest version) – If you don’t have one , I would recommend you to use K-Lite Codec Pack
  • A player which supports ffdshow (DirectShow Filter) such as Media Player Classic
  • A good set of 2.1/4.1/5.1/7.1 speakers. You may forget about it if you’re planning to use it with a cheap set of speakers.
  • A dedicated sound card. Preferably SoundBlaster Audigy or X-Fi series. Other similar cards would work. However , I wouldn’t recommend you to use onboard audio cards such as Realtek sound card!

Firstly fire up the ffdshow audio show decoder settings. It can be found under ffdshow or K-lite codec pack under programs. Now head over to Resample and configure it as shown below

The Resample Settings
The Resample Settings (click the picture to enlarge)

Now after that head over to the Output section and uncheck 16-bit and select 24-bit. This is very important , make sure you have a 24-bit capable sound card. Onboards are capable of doing 24-bit , by doing soo , you’ll be adding more noise and they’ll just take more of your CPU Usage. I highly recommend you to use a dedicated sound card at least.

The output settings (Click to enlarge)

Well thats about it. Listen to your same audio again and do notice the improvement. I am sure that you’ll start to enjoy the great improvement of the audio quality. This is the way on how I’ve managed to upscale my 128Kbps-320Kbps MP3 to a la CD-like audio quality. Its free by the way

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