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[email protected] is a great project organised by Pande Group and Stanford University to
understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.” What it simply means that , they are using computers (well super computers) to run some mambo jumbo calculations to find the cause and hopefully cure for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, mad cow disease, cancer, Huntington’s disease and other diseases which are related to it .

What this is all got to do with me ?
Well [email protected] is a distributed computing project , meaning that the work load are spread across milions of computers that would help the scientists to get the results and help them to find in a cure and maybe the root of the cause in a shorter time as opposing it to running in a supercomputer. Supercomputers are expensive and its not cheap. So its better to distribute it among millions of computers over the Internet to increase efficenceny and to reduce cost. That its purpose.

[email protected] - NVIDIA GPU Client

So How Does it work ?
Now , [email protected] works by using your idle cpu usage – that is being put to waste when you are not using the CPU. For instance , you may be writing a blog entry, downloading a file¬† or surfing the web while listening to music. If you do notice that you’re not making full use of your CPU (unless you happen to use an ancident CPU which is very slow). [email protected] uses this idle cpu time to do some calculations and submit its working to Stanford University , in order for the scientist and researchers to analyze it and maybe to understand more about our protein folding. They do have a GPU Client which makes use of your graphics card if you have a new graphics card from ATI or NVIDIA as well.
How Do I get started ?
All you have to do is download [email protected] Client from here (Its the download page). If you’re looking for the beta (GPU client) , then click here. You may contribute anonymously or you may use your nick name. Its up to you and its your call . You may also join in a team , in this case if you happen to be a Malaysian – the team ID is 2999. Its our official¬† [email protected] Malaysia. Oh psst , did I tell you that it works with Linux , Windows , MacOS X and there is even one for Playstation 3 !
Finally , I do hope that you fold for humanity and to build a better mankind. War and all these chaos would only create more catastrophe . Anyway instead of focusing on making money from your site and how to get rich – why don’t you contribute something back to mankind. who knows. Oh , the upside is that you could tell your grandchildren that you were once part of that project too. Would’t that make your grandchildren proud !
Happy Folding !

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  1. Hmm actually I’ve been doing this folding thingy using the GPU client. Till now I still don’t get how it’ll help seriously.
    Okay maybe they fold the some particular protein and find how it is infected and understand how it works. How could they possibly reverse it to the unfolded one? Maybe preventing it? By how? I don’t think we had that kind of technology yet =/
    Esoules last blog post..DemiGods

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