Involving school children isn't a good idea

Well basically this is my humble opinon on what I think of the “planning of huge protest by schoolkids” here in Malaysia. Feel free to read it

First of all , let me quote you the news from NST

Gaza Under Siege: Ministry plans huge protest by schoolkids
PUTRAJAYA: Nearly all schoolchildren in the country will be mobilised to protest against the Gaza offensive by Israeli forces.
Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said about five million pupils and 360,765 teachers from more than 10,000 schools would be involved.
“This is to create a wave of pressure for the Israelis to stop their violence and oppression of Palestinian civilians.”
He said the ministry would be working with the Information, Foreign, and Youth and Sports Ministries, as well as Peace Malaysia, to expand the campaign to a mega scale.
“When we protested against the US invasion in Iraq, we managed to get 200,000 people into Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil.
“We are confident that youth leaders from political parties, including those in Pakatan Rakyat will join us in this fight against the Zionist regime,” he said after his ministry’s New Year gathering at Putrajaya International Convention Centre here yesterday.
Hishammuddin said the directive was passed in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.
Asked on the danger of exposing children to such atrocities, the minister said: “When they grow up, they will have to face global issue like peace, environment and the economic crisis.”
He said he would be using the Unesco platform, of which he is an executive board member, to voice out Malaysia’s concern over the Gaza crisis.
News Source – NST

Uh okay , I was okay with the idea of getting university students and uh some people to protest over it (i am not a big supporter of war and this protesting anyway ). But my concern is why school children ? Why primary school children and secondary ones are getting involved in this.Shouldn’t they be like focusing in their studies and extra co-curriculum studies , which is more important to them. As you need to ‘score’ and ‘play’ well (aka balance both) in order for you to secure a place in colleges and universities later in life.
My other concern is that what are you going to tell to lets say uh 7 year old or primary school children. Most of them are still enjoying life as being a kid (you only can get to be once in your lifetime) and what are you going to tell them. I am sure most of them wouldn’t know what is exactly going on in this world. They might just get influenced and get emotional for no reason (we do know that kids are very sensitive these days) and what I am worried is that it may lead them towards hatred and who knows what they’ll end up in.For instance , its the same when I ask – Why there are bullies in school ? What causes someone to bully other people. One of the factors is well their childhood was not so great. they could have been abused or came from broken home. In order to “correct” it they bully other people so that they do know what who is superior and things like that . The same concept goes here (not really the same but a similar concept kicks in) , do you think that they’ll be more violent and aggressive later in life. It could contribute to it
Lastly but not least I’m sure that there are some parents out there who would disagree with this idea , as for them their children are more precious and they want it to be shaped according to their own will , or they could think that its just a waste of time and money as well.Anyway ,it would be nice if the Education Ministry could improvise our local examination to par with overseas ones such as GCE-A levels and GCE-O-Levels. Instead of primarily focusing people on memorising facts in text book , they should move it to a more free thinking like education just like how the westerns do it
That is my only hope. Just merly expressing out my opinion and I would like to get your feedback on this. What do you think about it. Oh yes , I do hate war as well 😛

4 thoughts to “Involving school children isn't a good idea”

  1. kids should not be used as fodders. even more so in issues that they might not even understand.
    to be honest street demos never achieve anything. especially in malaysia. lets just make a short list of it shall we
    lawyer solidarity walk
    etc etc
    hey lets look at overseas demo pulak. i think during the war in Iraq there were hundreds of peace demos all over the planet. in total millions of people participated in these demos 6 years ago. yes 6 YEARS ago and guess what. last time i checked the US army is still in iraq
    street demos are useless and are only used by certain parties to cement their political position. those who went to demo will get nothing out of it
    on a side note i am going to write a long email to the star regarding “child endangerment issues”. if i am not mistaken Hishamuddin will try to kumpul 5 millon kids to this demo. and to control them they will rely on 365 000 teachers
    i dunno about you but i can spot trouble already!
    saw this entry on NUFFNANG
    obefiends last blog post..Berani Mati dan Bunuh Diri

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