How to get traffic with 'XML-RPC ping'

First of all , we all do know that WordPress just kicks-butt. Its one of the coolest blogging software that I’ve ever used. One thing that most of us wouldn’t take it for granted is WordPress does include a nifty feature which is also known as XML-RPC Ping. I know it sounds too geeky and technical , but its a great tool.
Trust me on that one , it would seriously get you a couple of visitors and readers for your blog if you do have good content in it or if you have something that you would like to share it with other folks . Its a nice way to get traffic without doing anything. All you have to do is just post and then forget about it. Well , its not like you have to click advertisements or register through some sites and get referral to get traffic. Its just for lazy folks such as myself and it doesn’t even hurt your blog at all.
Well what are you waiting for then – Just click on read more and do get some information about it !

How Does It work – Well it simply says that you’ve updated your blog/posted a new entry  to servers such as Technorati , Google Blog Search and so on. Meaning that those who browse these sites may stumble across your blog entry and would most likely click on it to check it out. Especially if you have a cool header.
How do I do it – Well its basically simple , you just need WordPress installed. If you are using blogspot or other blog-hosting services , fear not. There is another way for you. Simply go to your Administrative Control Panel and then go to Settings/Options  and then select Writing . Then you should see something as shown in the screenshot below :-

XML-RPC Ping settings which is located in Admin Control Panel (Click to Enlarge)

Now if you notice that you may have a ping server or two in your WordPress. I think by default wordpress includes a couple of xml-rpc ping servers , but it would be nice if we can get to add more , as it would send updates to several sites making your blog a bit more popular at least. Oh here are my list of sites , just feel free to copy and paste it them. I managed to get from this site

Those are mine , well do let me know if you have any other known xml-rpc ping servers. Anyway , for those of you who don’t use wordpress or who are using blogspot , well fear not there are couple of alternatives for you :-
1) Use Feedburner , feed burner has an option to ping these servers. You may register with feedburner if you like
2) If you don’t want to use feed burner, you may use pingomatic. Manually key-in your blog details and choose which sites that you wish to inform and it will do the rest
Oh , not to forget. Don’t misuse this function , its a very powerful tool. Some servers may just ‘ban’ your blog if you “spam” your pings (i.e updating posts frequently and stuff). So just be informed , if you want to control your pings , well there are many plug-ins out there. I haven’t stumbled across with one thatw orks well with WordPress 2.7
Lastly but not least , don’t worry. You may suddenly see visitors or other bloggers dropping by and asking for you to exchange links with you. If you plan to make money out of your blog ,then this is something good. Links help you to build up your reputation. Its a good way to get started anyway to build your own blog empire !
Note 1 – I’ve taken some information from WordPress’ Official Document

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