My Thoughts on the Current Crisis @ Middle East

Well , this seriously reminds me of a game which I’ve just recently played – Fallout 3. Well , for those of you who don’t know really know about the whole Fallout series , its basically about how things are after a nuclear war. Thats not important , what is important is how things do look like after post-apocalyptic. Well , you should seriously take a look at screenshots and the game itself. Anyway here are some clips  that I’ve managed to get from YouTube. Its worth to see how the whole scenario looks like , the game play and just imagine..HOW you would be like and how things would be around you
Okay , lets get back to what I was talking about. Basically , I just want to say that war doesn’t determine who is right – only who is left. That is all that maters , you may be the wrong but the other guy could be right – but you’re just risking life of innocent parties both sides. Can’t we just end it peacefully. If not , I can’t just imagine what will happen – imagine a nuclear war. What will happen to us  , even if we survive. The faith of us (when I say us – all of us , human beings regardless of your skin colour , gender , religion , your political view and stuff. Do you think we can lead a life after that ? After playing that game , I found out that , its not all about winning and seriously I do salute the veterans who have fought in battles. I do think that they know the true pain and suffering of war. I would recommend you to listen to this song , yeah its from Fallout 3. I just want you to get the meaning of it , just truly understand what the message is all about. It conveys a strong message
P.S – The Song’s Title is ‘ I don’t want to set the world on fire‘ by Ink Spot (Click to get the lyrics and the music score for piano/guitar chords )
As for my conclusion of today’s entry , well I don’t care who is right or who is wrong . It may start off with 2 countries , but then it would roll up as big as a snowball , which would involve many other nations and sooner or later our we’re pretty much in it as well. You may say that we are safe , but just try to ponder a bit. Is this what we want ? Is this the way you want our grandchildrens to see the world – full of radioactive waste materials , distructions and mutated creatures (including  humans). I would seriously value your feedback on what you think about the current issues and your thoughts on war in general !

3 thoughts to “My Thoughts on the Current Crisis @ Middle East”

  1. LOL…It reminds me of this philosophical thought I had when I played Spore. Before the space stage, they way to get to space is to unite the planet. Either by peaceful means or by force.
    The message the game was giving out was that the path to enlightenment for a civilisation is through uniting the entire planet into one banner. Of course its just a game and I doubt the game makers where indirectly trying to send out that message,….it was just a convenient way of having an end goal for the civilisation stage rather than actually having any overt meaning.
    But war is hell and war never changes…people never change.
    Theshis last blog post..Peter Molyneux Not Excited About Any Game In 2009

  2. whoa….i like your word “war doesn’t determine who is right – only who is left.” it is inevitable that human will fight against each other as there will always be different opinion, religion , bla bla. Or maybe it’s just human nature to cause destruction. we just have to enjoy our till the last second.

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