TM Throttling Facts from an Insider !

This is shocking news for me. 3 days ago , I received a letter whom is very nice an decided to share some of the throttling facts on how TM enforces these on our connection and what are the impact of it. Some of us do know that TM is throttling. But I’ve managed to get a glimpse on what they are throttling.

Okay now shall we take a look at the facts. Firstly , TM and many other ISPs these days do throttle because of the fact that many people are misusing the Internet connection as in leaving their PC 24/7 to download copyrighted material through peer-2-peer networks or though file sharing service sites. We all do know that an ISP International capacity is limited and ISPs such as TM doesn’t enforce Data limit. ISPs which enforce data limit would generally be lenient and they don’t throttle your connection as they would know that once you have hit the limit , the system would automatically limit your connection speed to say 64kbps or ~256kbps ,whereas ISPs such as TMNet doesn’t enforce such rules , but they do throttle the connection dynamically. Some ISPs do even both
Anyway , we will focusing on the malaysian ISP first. Like I’ve said earlier I can’t reveal much. Well , what I can tell you is that its not your  imagination  – its a fact. They (TmNet)  throttle BitTorrent traffic , eMule , eDonkey and any sort of peer-2-peer applications. They even throttle file sharing services such as rapidshare , megaupload and such since these days people are getting files through other means. The other traffic which is also being somewhat throttled is YouTube. Well I guess TM is trying their best to manage these traffic as they are cutting down the amount of  bandwidth being transferred by users , which is good in a way and bad. The good side is that , we can enjoy faster Internet , the downside is at what cost .
Do keep in mind that you’re not safe on the Internet , this applies to all the ISP. Basically , ISP keeps track of what you have been doing (They’ll monitor your traffic , amount of traffic being transferred and I was told that there is one guy in Malaysia who managed to hit >500GB of traffic a month. Imagine 500GB. Thats as big as a size of a hard disk). So don’t think that the ISP isn’t bothered about what you’re doing. You might not know , one day – you’ll might be seeing lawyers notice in your mailbox. On the other hand , its good news to VPN owners and torrent service providers as they can continue to make money. For them its something they always wanted and it would increase more customers as more and more services are being throttle . This would make someone who is addicted to say BitTorrent and eMule to get their daily dosage of anime or any stuff , would go for other means such as paying for VPN Service to get it done.
My suggestion to TM is that , do enforce bandwidth cap (i.e 60GB or something like that). Once a user has reached his/her limit , throttle his/her connection. This way it would be fair and square , and kindly do moffer more packages for users as well. Maybe a gamers packager , who is more into gaming and less into downloading. I am sure that you can capture more people to sign up for your service and provide a better quality of service. At least do make it clearer to the folks , and at least that would put a peace of mind for those who use their Internet connection for communicating with their friends overseas , business-related stuff , education related stuff. Even though , I do torrent at times , I do find it unfair when my connection is slow because of some bad apples. At least be fair and square !

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As for you guys , what do you think about it. Kindly do leave your comment here , so who knows maybe a representative from TM might read it and improve their service. You may never know who is watching

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  1. “TM and many other ISPs these days do throttle because of the fact that many people are misusing the Internet connection as in leaving their PC 24/7 to download copyrighted material through peer-2-peer networks or though file sharing service sites. ”
    I dont think misusing is the correct word. We utilize what we paid for, and its not a welfare service. They should state what they cannot do and deliver clearly rather down conceive in small ToS letter. As users, we can understand this.
    Its true, rather then selling to people the average (most usually they call best effort) connection speed, its better set the package on the limit of monthly use. Give a higher speed connection to the people that use least traffic a month and slow speed to people that will be downloading all American Tv shows every week.
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    1. Well I don’t really know if you ask me. The term that I’ve used might not suite it (Heck that is what I was able to recall at that time). So , you do have a point there. IMO , by doing at least they would put a smile on everyone’s face and it would greatly reduce the number of complains. Oh well , guess they aren’t bothered at all – after all monopoly speaks for it self.

  2. It’s not my fault that TM can’t effort more bandwidth. If you don’t have the capacity then say it but don’t cut your customers off.
    I paid for 2Mbps and will pay more for 4Mbps. I will pay for the service. but if you say that even the fastest package has limitation then don’t pride yourself on being the best ISP !!
    Sigh… said Malaysian broadband user I are……
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