Choosing the Right Netbook Part 2

Well , if you haven’t read my part 1. You should read that first , anyway let me continue. Most of us are stuck in a dilemma when choosing a netbook , as there are many flavours to it . Now let me break it down for you and lets do compare it right from a-z , right from Processor , HDD , RAMs and things like that. Don’t worry , I’ll be putting it in plain English (Hopefully its understandable) .

Oh as for my review on Fujitsu U1010 , I’ll be writing that as well. Plus I’ve do tutorial on PS2 as well as I’ve received a lot of e-mails and comments on how to install programs and take Playstation 2 to a new level !. Okay okay , let me get back to the point , oh where was I. Uh , lets break it down shall we :-
P.S – Finally I’ve decided to finish up
Processor (or commonly known as CPU) – This just functions like your head your brain. Without it its nothing. Well I am not going to explain how it really works. For UMPC/netbooks , its better to opt for Intel Atom series processors. Well that’s the only processor that you could find for netbooks currently. The other one being Intel A110/100 (pre-Atom) and Via C7 Series.
RAM – Well RAM is something like how your short term memory works. You store it there temporarliy and after that poof its gone (or its transferred to your long term memory) . Depending on what you plan to use , 1GB should be sufficient enough if you plan to use your netbook to surf the internet , chat with friends and listen to music. If you’re serious about mulit-tasking , they should consider upgrading the RAM of your netbook (if its upgradeable) to 2GB. RAMs are cheap these days and its better to upgrade your netbook’s RAM to 2GB if you could afford it
Hard Disk – Well these days there are some netbooks/UMPC which uses Solid State Drive or which is known as SSD. SSD is like a flash memory , there are no moving parts inside and it consumes less energy. Hence giving you a longer battery life. It has one disadvantage though , the price is expensive and its not worth it now. Maybe in the near future it would change but currently if you plan to store your music , large files. Its better to go with the regular Hard Disk. Usually for the low-end/linux-based netbooks you’ll get the SS , as for windows – usually it would be a normal 2.5″ laptop hard disk
Graphics Card – Well netbook usually comes along with Intel Integrated Graphics card. Its nice if you want to watch DVD Ripped movies from the Internet , YouTube clips and basic 2d gaming and some lightweight 3d gaming. When I say lightweight , you could play old school games such as Red Alert 1 and 2. Don’t expect to play games such as Fallout 3 , GTA IV and other new demanding games. For your information , even NFS : Most Wanted doesn’t work very well with Intel Onboard Graphics card . However , there is only one netbook from asus currently which has a dedicated graphics card – GeForce 9300. Now you could seriously do gaming with that at a low resolution. Not too bad , i say. Things might change in the near future though
OS – You sohuld ask this question yourself. What do you plan to use your netbook for. If you just plan to surf the internet , listen to mp3s , chat , check out Facebook. Then Linux would do the trick. However if you want to get more , or if you have lots of windows program. You should consider Windows , if you want to do some proudctivity stuff or run certain programs which are designed for Windows. Keep in mind that Windows Vista might be too much for your netbook. Its recommended to go with XP (if you are planning to get with Linux preinstalled) and then create a custom XP installation disk by using programs such as nLite
Well thats about it. You’ll have to consider and think more about it , which netbook is suitable for you. Do some research and your homework. I am here just to explain the basics only !

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