Linux for PS2 – without the Linux Kit

Well as we all do know that Linux works well with PS2. All you need is a network adapter and a hard disc and fork out $50 USD for Sony Linux Kit. Well the issue is that I want to get those stuffs here in Malaysia and unfortunately , nobody is selling those stuff here , even the network adapter for Playstation 2. After years of finding one , I’ve finally given up on running linux on the PS2.
Yesterday , while I was watching YouTube videos on playstation 2 hacks and stuff. I stumbled across a video whereby a guy managed to get his PS2 Slim to boot the linux loader via the USB. Now that’s something amazing. Well if you feel geeky and want to give it a go , I recommend you to check out this link

PS2 Linux - with External USB Drive
PS2 Linux - with External USB Drive

For now , here is a picture. Currently , it does load linux and startx (but I can’t do anything , it doesn’t want to regonise the keyboard/mouse. So What i am doing is that I am trying to figure it out a way to get X fully working. If that works , I’ll have a GUI and then I can slowly start to use it as my backup PC). Well I plan to use this to do [email protected] tasks and other stuff. I’ll keep you posted. For now here is a picture , if I acan get it to run properly , i’ll try my best to write a tutorial. Writing a tutorial for these kind of stuff is tedious ,especially when configuration varies form one person and other. Now I’ve my hopes and hopefully I can get the GUI and everything else to work properly. Once that is done , finally my PS2 is a computer
Now who says we need PS3 or new gaming console. I believe that we can actually get old things running to serve us well !

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  1. Hi there, Im Bo.
    can’t we boot the linux loader via the USB to phat ps2? we need to use the slim one?
    hope to hear from u!!

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