Installing Playstation2 Media Center !

Well , remember my old article which I’ve talked about on how to convert your PlayStation 2 to play movie files , mp3 , mp4 and so on. It had one catch , which is you aren’t able to use the DVD-ROM Drive to play discs and so on. I’ve had a member commented on this and he wanted to find a way if its possible to do run these programs from a memory card
Well now you could do. I wouldn’t be writing a tutorial this time , instead I would be linking with two YouTube videos which should help you to install the whole thing. This is mainly because I don’t have the time to write a complete tutorial (If I’ve the time , I would certainly do it)
Well if you do have any trouble or anything else , just kindly let me know. Post a comment or e-mail personally and I’ll get to you and try to assist you with this. Anyway , McBoot is actually an alternative boot loader which allows you load programs in your memory card so that you could run off from it. Think of it as installing a .prc file in your Palmtop !

Stupidity & Corruption

Saw this in the newspaper today. Anyway , let me quote some part of the article for you (if you’re too lazy to read the whole article).

“A Tenaga Nasional Berhad sub-station has been built attached to house No 2 in Jalan 5 and the property was sold to an unsuspecting buyer, R. Muthukrishnan, 36.”
“The house was offered to me at a cheaper rate. When I enquired why, the developer said the person who first booked the property didn’t want it because there was a streetlight nearby,” he told StarMetro.”
“I should have seen the property before signing the Sales & Purchase agreement but why did the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) issue a Certificate of Fitness for it and why was the loan released?”

Pretty much that sums up the whole story. So a buyer fell for the trap. Now here is my advice to potential buyers for homes. When you want to buy a house and if its going for a really good price (aka cheap) , just do a survey of the place. This is because there is no way a property could just be cheap. It must have its own reason. Just don’t fall for the trap !
Okay , I do feel pity for the buyer in a sense that he was cheated. Now , lets take a look at the other aspect. I am wondering how in the world that they could issue a CF when a sub-station was attached to a house. Now , there is something funny here. Usually the local municipal council , would conduct a survey to determine if the place is safe or not for living before issuing a CF (Certificate of Fitness). Now what concerns me is that how in the world they have approved it. It clearly shows that there are corruption involved in here.  Well , certainly these people just think about profit and profit and profit without concerning about the health and the risk that the sub-station poses to the poor house owner and people that are near to it. Best of all the bank did approve his loan. Now , here we could clearly see that all the bank cares is your money and especially during the current economic crisis .

Not right: Muthukrishnan pointing to the Tenaga Nasional Berhad sub-station attached to his house in Taman Bukit Semenyih. (Source : The Star)
Not right: Muthukrishnan pointing to the Tenaga Nasional Berhad sub-station attached to his house in Taman Bukit Semenyih. (Source : The Star)

So my question is , who should we blame. The house owner for not doing his homework ? The local council for not doing their work properly ? The developer for not checking and planning where to place the power station ? or TNB ? Kindly do discuss and share your opinion on this topic !

Advertise your site/blog via Facebook for Free !

facebook-2 Ever you ever wondered how to promote your site or your blog over at big sites in order to get large volume    of traffic or traffic from specific countries and interest. Today I’ve found out that its possible to advertise your site or your blog for free*. Yes , it does come with some strings attached. The good news is that you can drive more traffic to your sales or if you’re selling something , you’ll drive more potential customers to check out your site on what are you selling. Its great way to get people to check your site out !

Firstly you’ll be needing a couple of things. So here are its prerequisites :-

  • A Credit Card/Debit Card (No you wouldn’t be charged) – Make sure that it works for online transactions as some debit cards don’t
  • Facebook account (duh !)
  • Niche Blog or a  specific site (When I say niche blog – what I am basically saying is that , we would be needing a good site. If you’re going to advertise your personal blog , I wouldn’t recommend you doing so as chances are people might not click and you might not gain that much of traffic unless you have something good to share)

Okay , now its very simple.
1. Go to facebook and log in to your account
2. Next up “sign up for this application” – . Yes its a program by Visa (Thanks Visa , I am a proud cardholder :P) . Fill in some details such as your business type (if you’re doing business). If not just fill some basic information and hit submit. A prompt would tell you that Visa has just mailed you the $100 advertising voucher !
3. Quickly go up to your e-mail address and get the activation code/coupoun code. Next up , go here (make sure you have any ad-blocking tool such as AdBlocker Plus disabled , otherwise you’ll be getting a blank page !). Design your advertisement , make sure you follow general facebook’s guidelines
4. Choose which type of ad you prefer , you may just select anything (it depends on your preference). Set your daily spending as well , I leave that up to you. If you spend more , meaning that more of your ads would appear but it would only be like couple of days. But if you want to prolong it , then select it as a lower value (less chances of your ad appearing but it will be there for a long time) . Don’t forget to select the country that you’re targeting (aka geotargeting) and which kind of people. This way you’ll be getting genuine traffic !
5. Fill up your details and your credit card information and your free $100 advertising coupon number. Don’t worry , you wouldn’t be charged at all. Just keep an eye on your available balance , if that thing runs out. You’ll be charged to your credit card. If the funds are going to deplete or finish , better pause your advertisement or delete it. You don’t want to be charged in your credit card/debit card. Trust me
That’s about it. Now all you have to do is wait as traffic would be generated. Oh , Visa, Inc I would like to thank you for this offer. I’ll post my traffic report and my analysis later if this generated traffic for my site !
Credits :- HelmiAsyraf .I found this through his site , but then his tutorial was somewhat incomplete. So I thought of adding my own juice and touch of flavour as well.

My Current Blog Earnings and plans for it

Firstly here you go , my current nuffnang earnings as of today (26th January 2009). If you take a look at it , pretty much I am not a big time earner (I guess I’ve to put lots of effort on it and come up with more content and especially more visitors to comment it. I’ll work on that). This reminds me of what Uncle Brain said , as long you do something which doesn’t make your heart or your inner soul to suffer to feel the pain , you should be happy with it. Not to mention that you’re able to sleep peacefully. A honest living is still a honest living at the end.

My Current Nuffnang earnings
My Current Nuffnang earnings

Anyway , here are couple of plans which I’ve in my mind once I’ve reached the minimum payout which is RM 50. I do hope that I do get paid in the first place. I am not going to take all and spend it just like how other people do make money off their blog. Yes , we do need to earn for our living , but it does not  mean we should use it as our pocket money. For me , its better to donate some of the wealth  Anyway , just letting you folks know what I plan to do with the money :-

  1. Donate to some orphanage or needy people – There is no point of keeping all the money to myself. At least it would be nice if I could donate some of my money to say needy people in an orphanage home or at least old folks home. I do know some homes which really need some funding. So with God’s blessing – I do hope I am able to fulfill it
  2. Donate it to Temple – As you all do know , and well aware of. Many of Hindu temples here needs funding , mostly they depend on private funding. I thought of donating at least couple of ringgit (depending on my earnings) .
  3. Pamper myself with a nice cup of Milo from Mamak – The least I could do for myself to put a smile on my very own face for my hard work and effort so far on building this blog. It may not be as successful or as “hot” as other blogs , but certainly I do believe my blog has its own touch

I am just hoping that people do continue to support me and also for my noble cause. Through self-realisation , I’ve learnt a lot. If you don’t believe me and if you think that money is everything , wealth is everything , and if you’re soo paranoid on meterialised things. Try to do this

  1. Go to a quiet room
  2. Meditate (just close your eyes and ask this question – What have I contributed to this world ? or ask some other questions that would make you to ponder)
  3. Open your eyes

I am sure you’ll be able to find the answers and hopefully you too would embark on the quest on making the world a better pace ! I do hope that God is with me (and also with us all) on helping me to achive my first achivement !

Happy Chinese New Year

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese readers (and those who celebrate CNY ,including myself) a prosperous Chinese New Year. May this year of ox bring you lots of  fortune , wisdom and not to mention luck.
ox-year-thumb3798073Lastly but not least , I do hope that world peace would be restored and hopefully people in Middle East would be finally leading a better life -in peace. Not to mention that (hopefully) , the global economy crisis can recover. I do know that it takes time , but may the ox help us to speed the process up !

Your say on the Second Fiscal Stimulus !

Today, as usual while checking the daily news @ The Star Online site (and not to mention to read the good ol’ newspaper – There is nothing like reading the newspaper the old fashion way). I stumbled across this article , which basically states that the Malaysian DPM (Deputy Prime Minister) has allowed us (malaysians) to voice out our say on the second economy package to boost our economy. Pretty much we can give comments and feedback on how to improvise the service.
So I took this opportunity to comment and to voice out my mumblings and my opinon as life being a student. Its not easy being a student (I know most of you do) , especially living in times like this . So basically , I said hopefully the money could be used to decrease cost-pull inflation which is hurts the consumers such as us. Anyway , what i would like to say is that , you too should voice out your say to our DPM and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our DPM , Y.B Dato’ Najib Tun Razak for using blogs/Internet as a channel to gather ideas from Malaysians who are in the country and as well as  malaysians who are living in other countries

My Comment
My Comment @ Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak's blog

So if you have something to say , then click on this link (its his blog site) and then post your comment there. Who knows, for all you may know his decisions would have been influenced by us the rakyats ! – Do us all a favour and do  your duty as a citizen !

Review : BlazingFiles

Well this is my review of the torrent service site BlazingFiles. (This is something like a sponsored review , not really sponsored in sense that I get paid when I write this review. I was given an account by folks @ blazing files and they want me to review completely). I promise to you , that I’ll be writing this review in my own view of point. Yes , if I don’t like certain aspects , I’ll criticize it as well !
Read More

Boycotting US products ain't a good idea

It was a response by many folks of here Malaysia on thinking of boycotting US Products is the only solution out there to stop the war in Gaza (which thankfully was halted thanks to the co-operating of both sides , may God Bless them – but its sad that we can’t bring back people/innocent lives that were “scarified” in war).
But that my friend , is war all about.That’s the price you have to pay at the end. Now , lets get back to my story – Firstly, there are some major facts that we should accept – that we can’t live without US. Yes , its a fact. People may find substitute goods but then not all goods can be substituted. For instance,  let me cite and example from the computer world. For instance , processors – Intel and AMD are both made in the US and so does the system that powers our PC – Microsoft Windows and MacOSX (I am not bringing linux in as its another story) . If we boycott them , pretty much we are disconnected from the world. Imagine a whole country is being powered without computers – now I could imagine that. Not to mention bloggers who are earning money through the internet via advertisers who are solely based in US . This is another example also. These are just some of the examples
Now lets take a look at the economic view of point , US is the largest trading partner for Malaysia. You can get the figures from this site , which is taken from CIA Factbook. Don’t worry , I’ll just explain in simpler terms. If we cut demand for US products , meaning that we would stop buying US Products. In return , US will slowly cut our exports (as they wouldn’t want to trade). Remember , US is the largest trading partner , this causes our demand for malaysian goods to fall – causing our currency to depreciate over time – meaning that people/investors think that its not worth to invest or to keep hold of the money. Pretty much when nobody wants our currency and uh product , we will be going down the hill a bit. Some may disgree but the facts are there , US is our largest net importer (they import our stuff and from all over the world). Not to mention , if US factories (such as seagate , Intel , etc) closes down their production plant in Malaysia – people would lose their jobs and unemployment rate would go up

The Supply and demand
The Supply and demand- Yes , everyone needs candy and microprocessors/computers too

– Take a look at the comic strip above to get the illustration about just what is supply and demand. The basic concept of it
Imagine if you were working as a part timer in KFC or McDonalds , and what if it gets shut down ? How are you going to get your source of income for you to pay for your daily expenses. Especially if you’re a university student. These are just examples that people don’t think or take into consideration
So its up to you. If you want to stop war and if you like to maintain peace. There are many ways to oppose this. I too hate war , as its something dark and cruel. For now , lets all thank god and both the countries for maintaining peace in the middle east. Thats one headache over for the world and we still have other matters to attend too !

Upscale MP3/Audio with ffdshow

Many people do ask me how to improve audio quality with ffdshow audio. Well thankfully there is a simple way to “upscale” the audio to an acceptable quality especially if you have a good set of speakers and not to mention a dedicated sound card. When I mention dedicated sound card , you need to be using a 24-bit PCI Soundcard such as Creative SoundBlaster otherwise its a no go. Onboard cards such as Realtek are unable to upscale the audio properly. So lets get started first shall we.
Requirements :-

  • ffdshow installed (prefberly  latest version) – If you don’t have one , I would recommend you to use K-Lite Codec Pack
  • A player which supports ffdshow (DirectShow Filter) such as Media Player Classic
  • A good set of 2.1/4.1/5.1/7.1 speakers. You may forget about it if you’re planning to use it with a cheap set of speakers.
  • A dedicated sound card. Preferably SoundBlaster Audigy or X-Fi series. Other similar cards would work. However , I wouldn’t recommend you to use onboard audio cards such as Realtek sound card!

Firstly fire up the ffdshow audio show decoder settings. It can be found under ffdshow or K-lite codec pack under programs. Now head over to Resample and configure it as shown below

The Resample Settings
The Resample Settings (click the picture to enlarge)

Now after that head over to the Output section and uncheck 16-bit and select 24-bit. This is very important , make sure you have a 24-bit capable sound card. Onboards are capable of doing 24-bit , by doing soo , you’ll be adding more noise and they’ll just take more of your CPU Usage. I highly recommend you to use a dedicated sound card at least.

The output settings (Click to enlarge)

Well thats about it. Listen to your same audio again and do notice the improvement. I am sure that you’ll start to enjoy the great improvement of the audio quality. This is the way on how I’ve managed to upscale my 128Kbps-320Kbps MP3 to a la CD-like audio quality. Its free by the way

Finding yourself within

Well while I was searching for the meaning of life and truly learn about it. I stumbled across Bhagavad Gita. Well , I was reading the simplified version today (being an Hindu myself , its important to read). However you may want to read it regardless of your religion to gain extra knowledge or to understand more on Hinduism or on other culture. When I read the simplified version , I truly asked myself this question – What Have I turned into ?  Seriously , why are we trapped in such a way ? This questions keeps on coming to me in my head. I don’t know why and I would like to have the answers as well. Here are my questions :-
1) What makes us to act in a certain way ?
2) How we can control our greed and anger ?
3) Why we are condemning about this and that and critiquing people based on their action
I’ll guess I’ll have to do more on this chapter later. Oh don,t worry. I’ll have more of other useful tips and tricks to share. since this is a bit of my personal blog , I’ll write this to remind myself that I am here to serve the people and not myself and sharing the wealth (knowledge) is the key ! I’ll try to quote some verses from the Gita as well and put it here. (in this entry as well)