GTA IV (PC): Tips and Tricks in Three Easy Steps !

So yeah , as you have known that I’ve bought GTA IV and Fallout III . Both are superb games and I’ve finished both of them (Fallout 3 – Good Karma way , skipped some side quests) and GTA IV (Completed main quest + doing side quests). As we all do know that GTA IV is a very demanding game and it requires a lot of CPU power and GPU Power. Nevertheless , I am using a 3 year old Dell Dimension DIM9100 series 😛 , its a Pentium D 830 3.00Ghz , 4GB DDR2 533Mhz RAM , 500GB HDD + GeForce 8600GTS 256MB GDDR3. Well basically all modern games run fine on mine its just that GTA IV is tricky.
Oh yeah , click read more if you want to know how to do it step-by-step.
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Advertising your Blog/Site Properly !

Well after not blogging for a long period of time , I’ve finally decided to blog back and to update on my thoughts of advertising your blog or site properly. If you have noticed that my chatbox has been filled with spamtards trying to spam their so-called sites , which obviously is a scam.Nevertheless  , you shouldn’t be practicing it that way to sum it up. Let me give put it to you in point form , I am sure that most of us are lazy to read long lengthy explanation of stuff. This is how it works , once your blog has many visitors and you have a decent page rank. Crazy people would start to spam (usually spambots) , trying to gain more visitors out of your site and try to lower your page rank.

Failed - Typical way of one to advertise a blog or a site. That is by simply spamming their links in your blog to get more visitors (Its my real handwriting , by the way)

Here are my ways of ‘advertising’ your blog in a proper manner . This way at least people could get to know you better and you’ll get more genuine visitors.Oh yeah , enough of the lengthy explanation. Lets get to the point shall we  (main points have been bolded:-
Do’s :-
1. Visit another person’s blog who shares the same or similar intrests. Then read one of his article or blog entry. Then comment it properly on what do you think (post it constructively) . Don’t post replies such as “Uh , dropping by to say hi” , “Superb article”. Jeez Captain Obvious , Even I know that. Just because you want to get visitors. Post sometrhing a bit of constructive
2. Write an e-mail to the author of the site or blog to exchange links – This is a more formal way of asking the author to exchange links with your site. At least , it would be much more curtious rather then just spamming or posting comments. Do make sure that you put his/her link first and you’re a frequent visitor of his/her blog. Oh yeah , make sure you have some amount of a decent content
3. Particpate in Blog Exchanging sites , Entrenet and Get yourself Listed in Search Engine – Usually , there are ways for you to do this. An example would be the card thingy , whereby people can drop their card and you can drop your card at their places. A great way to advertise and to exchange link. Another way to do is by getting yourself listed in search engines. There are some sites which would allow you to do this. An example would be this site
Dont’s :-
1. Don’t Spam your Link in Comments and Spambox –  Take a look at the image. Just don’t spam stupid childish/trollish style of comments. Do visit my blog . PLZ visit me blog..plz come to my blog..”hi , come to my blog and earn more then 5000USD$”. It sounds stupid and most likely people would ignore you. Unless they are dumb or bunch of bots , then yes they would click you. Overall , you wouldn’t be getting quality visitors
2. Don’t Post in terms of keywords – I am sure that you have seen this in people’s blog such as spamming in terms of keywords “money,mlm,seo” and then they include their site. They do this because
3. Don’t post generic remarkssuch as “Thanks” , “Nice blog you got there”. Try to be active in the discussion by posting something revelant to what the thread starter said. Hint , if you don’t know what to do , take one of his points , edit it and then rephrase saying that you agree or don’t. That simple !
4. Don’t post comments which links back to the original content of the article In other words you copy his content and then post a link in your blog. Then you go this blog and you post in the comments. Trying to get more visitors. Its a big no-go. if anyone does that , I would automatically delete their comments.
That’s about it folks

New Entry + GTA IV Madness

It has been like I dont know how long I have not updated my blog post.Thats the disadvantage of blogging , its that you got to keep it up to date otherwise people think that you’re dead. It needs to be mainted from time to time. Well what am I up to currently :-

  • Facebook – Seriously , I am addicted to facebooks. My friends are using it and its great to know what they are doing it currently. Actually I am in it for World Domination. The more the merrier
  • GTA IV – Oh yeah I am loving this game. seriously , it works best on my Pentium D. I’ll try to post up tutorial on how to speed up and such . Finished the game
  • Fallout 3 – Another epic game. I am not a fallout fan myself but this game seriously kicks-ass. Good storyline but then it crashes every now and then. The developers have failed to provide any sort of update for us , Asian versions. The non-US version update fails for an odd reason.

As the old saying goes “Pictures or it didn’t happen”. Here you guys , go a picture of my GTA IV DVD Cover. Will post later for fallout :P(If I’ve the time)

Grand Theft Auto IV DVD
Grand Theft Auto IV DVD - Its hot baby...Oh no , must resist

Time for me to show off (boast) a bit with my Windows! Live gaming card. This shows what I’ve done in game and stuff like that. You can compare it with me 😛 – Oh yeah , I love to boast a bit here and that. Not my character thought , I am just posting here so that I can make even new friends , who knows 😛

You can get yours from