P1 WiMax Review – Part Two

This is my second segment/part of the review. In this segment , I would be focusing on Internet Applications. That means how sites such as YouTube , Forums , Blogs and things like that would load. In other words , how good P1 in terms of productivity web applications and Internet entertainment.
As I’ve mentioned earlier I’ll be splitting this mega review into segments and parts. If you have missed the first segment/part , click here  (Part 1 of the review) to read about it. I’ll be then creating an index (once the whole review is done) so that it would be easier for people to refer and jump into the section that they prefer. Do keep in mind that this is going to be a very long post as I’ll be basically talking and comparing stuff. Its not for the faint of heart !
Preface & Test Setup
Internet surfing has become an important part of our lives . We usually use Internet to download materials such as documents , music , videos , watch online videos over at YouTube , metacafe , surf social networking sites such as Facebook and chat with our friends through Instant Messengers or via Skype . Lastly but not least to check eBay , read news/blogs and e-mails too !  Its what an average user does it on the internet. Before I go any further , I would like to explain my test setup. To do such comparisons and review , we have to keep certain things constant so that it doesn’t influence other factors. Much like a science experiment , lets say if you want to study on the effect of light intensity on photosynthesis. You’ll keep the carbon dioxide concentration as the constant variable. Same thing goes here. I’ll try to keep certain things constant , so that our results aren’t biased
Now for the Test Setup
PC : Intel Pentium D 3.00Ghz | 4GB 533Mhz DDR2 RAM | Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 | Atheros WiFi 802.11g PCI Card

My Prolink Router (Flashed with Netgear's firmware) - which is connected to P1 WiMax + my streamyx DSL Modem (Dlink DSL520B) which is connected to my Linksys wRT54G

P1 WiMax : Connected to my NetGear Router
Streamyx : Connected to my Linksys WRT54G Router
Hold It ! – You may say that there aren’t connected to the same router. That’s right , you’re correct. Before I’ve connected to the router. I’ve tested how they perform on each router first and I found out that the numbers were insignificant (only by a small amount of margin) . Keep in mind that I didn’t enforce QoS or any other funny set of rulings in my router . I set it up as how an average consumer would set his router.
Test 1  – 24 Hour/Overnight Connectivity Test
This is my first test. Its a simple test. All I did was to see if the connection can sustain for 24 hours without disconnecting. Disconnection is bad especially if you’re doing something or downloading something. I am sure that you can resume those back but there are some things that you can’t do with your new IP – i.e if you’re using a rapidshare free account to download a large file overnight. If the connection drops half the way , you’re forced to re download. In other words you’ll have to do it back in the morning. This is troublesome for some of us
P1 W1MAX – I got a green light (meaning the connection is superb) but if I leave the connection overnight and when I check the following day. I noticed that it has changed from solid green to blinking red. Well the only way I could get a connection was to restart the modem physically  – as P1 doesn’t provide any Web Interface for users to reset the modem. So pretty much its not ideal to leave it overnight and to hope that you’re still connected the next day. Keep in mind that unlike streamyx/ADSL service , etc. You can’t dial-back or reset the modem through a router or a PC.
Oh No - Its the blinking red light syndrome and I am disconnected from the Internet - "Somebody Help me" - Fear Not Captain Restart It and It would work is here !

TM Streamyx – So far so good. I’ve to say that I am pretty impressed with my Streamyx. I can have my connection up and running for several days and even weeks without a single disconnection at all. Some users do face a ltot of disconnections as I think that its caused by the poor quality of their phone line.  Overall , pretty happy with streamyx’s stability as I can still be connected to the Internet without a disconnection
Winner for this round : TM Streamyx
Reason : I can sustain a connection without a single disconnection for a day . For me its a big plus point. I want it to be stable
Test 2 – Online Gaming (World Of Warcraft) (Local Server – hosted in Singapore)

I used to be a WoW player. Not that avid wow player but just someone who loves playing. Of course I didn’t have the money to play now and plus since I managed to get my GM account to test the latency and stuff. Anyway let me upload the screenshot for you and explain
Lets take a look at P1 W1MAX. Firstly as we see. The latency isn’t that great. Bear in mind , its wireless. So for those who wanting to play games at a lower latency. sorry to say that P1 may disappoint you in this case
Latency Test 1 (P1 W1MAX) - Well it seems that its hovering around 200-300ms. Click to get a closer view

Latency Test2 (P1 W1MAX) - One thing i've noticed is that the latency is consistent unlike other Wireless Broadband. It stays between 200-300ms

As you see , the latency hovers between 200-300ms when in a raid. We’re talking about a server hosted in Singapore. Well for WoW , it isn’t so bad. Now lets compare it with a Streamyx/ADSL Connection.
Latency Test 1 (Streamyx) - What else do I've to say. Its smooth and it under 20ms. Sometimes I do get less then 20ms

Latency Test 2 (Streamyx) - Still smooth sailing baby !

Well I recommend you to click the picture and have a closer look at it. Highly recommend.
Winner : TM Streamyx (Current Score : 2-0)
Reason  : From what I’ve observed , streamyx still beats P1 WiMax for Local Gaming (i.e servers which are hosted in Malaysia and Singapore). So if you’re going to play games such as fps (i.e Counter Strike ) then its better to go for Streamyx as the Latency is lower
Test 3 – Online Gaming (Star Wars Jedi Academy / US Server)

Now lets test how P1 WIMAX and Streamyx performs for this game. Okay , so I did connect to a random server (added to my favorite – which is hosted in US). I just want to see how the game performs in both the connection.


SW : JA on Streamyx Connection. Notice the latency that it goes from 360,s to 420ms when there are people 😛

As for P1 :-
SW : JA on P1 WiMax Connection. Notice is still under 350ms , despite the fact that I am fighting with another guy !

Well , it seems that p1 isn’t that bad when it comes to playing games such as Jedi Academy. I guess those who have said that p1 is bad for gaming are somewhat wrong . For Locally hosted games , the latency is high for wimax but for games which have their servers in US , Australia , etc – the latency seems to be pretty good and it kicks streamyx’s butt. The clear winner for this round is P1 WiMax
Winner : P1 WiMax (The Score is currently 1-2)
Reason : The screenshot has summed it up. Just take a look and compare it. I’ve to tell the latency is pretty stable for WiMax. Kudos guys , especially for your International links.So far so good !
Test 4  – Internet Surfing/”Daily Usage” Test
In this test , I’ve tried to mimic how a normal user uses the Internet. Usually one would go to YouTube , message board , use Google search , read latest news , check e-mails and chat with friends !
I am not sure how to conduct this test. This test is based on how fast a site loads and such. I don’t know how to take snapshots , maybe at a later time I’ll try to record a video and post it in YouTube. Surfing experience seems to be better with P1 WiMax. YouTube loads fast , Facebook loads fast. Pretty much International sites loads fast and such. I can guarantee you that. As for local sites , they are about equally the same. So if you’re more into YouTube surfing , checking stocks and uh using social networking stuff. then P1 might do the trick. I just hope that they do not oversell their services just like how streamyx is doing currently. Oh I had no problems connecting to MSN/YAHOO with P1. Its just that Maxis is the only one with this problem
Winner : P1 WiMax (2-2) (Oh no its a tie)
Reason : I guess its because of the limited users now or because of their good management. Its because I think they enforce a good bandwidth management , 20GB user cap and throttle their bandwidth. The other reason I am guessing its because they enforce a Smart QoS (Quality of service) that would automatically prioritize which services needs a higher bandwidth and such.  As for streamyx , you can’t basically do anything as you can use any modem you like and if you want to do your own QoS service , I recommend you to read my QoS Guide on how to do it
Test 5 – The Torrent Test – Yes I Know that you’re waiting for this
Okay for this test I am testing out HeHeHunter’s Xunlei. The reason why I am used Xunlei instead of BitComet is that Xunlei doesn’t need any port forwarding. So its fair (since p1 doesn’t allow us to do port forwarding)  I can’t do anything. For this test ,I’ll be downloading a copyrighted material. No I don’t endorse piracy , I am just trying to mimic how an average Internet user uses the Internet. Thats about it
Now if we take a look for Streamyx. The speed seems to be amazing fast for a 2Mbps line. Not bad I am pretty impressed with this client as well

streamyx torrent speed - Look at the speed

If we take a look for P1 , the torrent speed isn’t great. Its because P1 enforces QoS. It automatically allocate speed when you torrent and when you use the net. In other words you could torrent and surf the Net at the same time without worrying about the fact that torrent slows down your Internet :P. Thats the beauty , anyway for die-hard torrent users it might not be something which they enjoy. For p1 its a win-win situation , they allow you to torrent but control the speed at an acceptable speed. The maximum that I was able to get was only 65 Kilobytes/sec. Not bad
p1wimax torrent speed - Not bad , especially if you're a light user

Some may argue saying that TM throttles Torrent but if you take a look , P1 even does that. In fact every ISP these days throttle p2p connection as its consuming a large amount of bandwidth. Nevertheless , streamyx still wins in this case. I did manage to get full speed for it. On the other hand , P1 is being a bit nice and they do allow you to torrent (which is great) as ISPs such as Maxis blocks it fully (which is bad). The connection might be better during the wee hours of the morning when they aren’t many people using it. Oh yeah , at least I could get ~60Kilobytes/sec at this time of torrenting.
Winner : TMNet streamyx (Current Score 3-2)
Reason : Its still the best as its because they allow you to port forward and plus they don’t enforce any QoS in their modem settings. Its done over at that side ,w hich is great as you could still find ways to bypass it !
Test 6  – Direct Downloading
This is very important aspect for web developers , downloaders and gamers. As usually we use the internet to download game patches , softwares , and updates for our OS. Well for this test , I am going to download my wireless card driver for my COMPAQ laptop. Its hosted in a US Site . Keep in mind for streamyx the speed may be slow because of the recent International cable break down. I’ll do a retest once its back up
Download speed with P1 WiMax Connection

Download Speed with TM Streamyx

I’ve to say that p1 is the clear winner for this test. However , I’ll do a retest for streamyx at a later time
Winner : P1 WiMax (3-3)
Reason : The picture sums it all
My Conclusion : I am not going to rate both of my connections. If you take a look , both of them do have their own unique weakness and strengths as well. P1 seems to excel pretty good when we are dealing with sites and games which are located overseas. It seems to excel in that. On the contrary , streamyx seems to be doing a good job when it comes for heavy downloaders (especially if you torrent a lot) and if you play games in local servers such as in Singapore and in Malaysia. Its up to you to decide on which one to go. This is again my 2nd part of the review. I still have more to write about it. So that you can really decide which one to go. I can’t just say P1 or Streamyx is best. Its up to you , to decide which one you would prefer to use. Like I’ve said your usage style and my usage style varies
In the next review , I’ll be doing more on VOIP , Video conference and maybe more on uploading. Since there are some of us would love to upload photos to our blog , flickr acocunt and such