Tomato Firmware Updates !

Its been a while since I’ve talked on Tomato. Anyway , Victek is hanging out over at Lowyat message board. That seems to great , he gives us the updates whenever they are released and he does hangout there to help us sometimes. Its so great of you Victek.
Anyway , this is what has been updated in the last version

* Fixed remote logging didn’t work if ‘log internally’ was disabled.
* Updated – Dnsmasq 2.46, Dropbear 0.52 & Busybox 1.12.3.
* DDNS now works even if WAN is disabled as long as DDNS uses an external checker or a pre-defined IP (Basic:DDNS:IP Address).
* TCP Vegas (TCP congestion control) added (enable in QOS:Settings), thanks to Rodney H.
* SYN cookies setting in Advanced:Firewall.
* Status:Device List now shows OUI, Static IP, Add Wireless Filter links in a separate line.
* Removed ebtables patch which appears to have caused various problems.
* Create Backup setting & Backup Link URL in Admin:Bandwidth.

Pretty much some great stuff. Just posting the updates ! Thats about it. Later I might share a couple of tips and tricks on how to protect your WiFi and such !

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