P1 WiMax Review – Part One

Ta Da – As I’ve promised you guys , I went to P1 Office Today @ Jln Templer (Oh yeah my dad drove me there as I don’t know the roads in PJ , plus it can be confusing at times) , I was greeted by Miss Naomi . She explained the whole free 6 months concept and stuff and the sign up was pretty fast and easy.
You’ll have to hit Read More as it contains lots of pictures and words. So if you’re intrested to learn more on P1 WiMax service , I recommend you to read more.
Basically to sum it up. I’ll be reviewing by “parts/segments”. Each segment focuses on certain aspect of the service. For instance , the first segment/part is all about setting it up and so on.  This way it would be easier for someone to read and understand how the service works. Here is my layout currently. I plan to do a couple of parts and as we do get any updates. I’ll be post them here

The Preface
They offered us (lowyatians) a 6 months free trial (Yeah no strings attached) to test the service out fully and provide feedback on how to improve the service. Not so bad.Plus this is the first time I’ve seen an ISP that listens to users and has respresnttaive to answer users questions and doubts in a message board – Wish our Streamyx did that , at least there is someone to listen our rants and cries and not to mention our screams !
Anyway , here is picture of me with the whole thing (Thanks miss Naomi for sending the picture). Yeah I guess you’ll see that picture somewhere as well. But for now its at my blog.

Oh yeah - Picture of me with the WiMax Modem. Not bad eh

Okay that’s about it for pictures. Now lets take a look at how the modem looks like and pictures of the modem itself. I know most of you guys would be interested to know how it looks like
The “un-boxing” process

Well this is how the box looks like. Its a new set from P1 anyway (that’s great news). The package that I am testing is 2.4Mbps package (the fastest). Anyway , lets see some pictures shall we :-
Ah Yes The Box - Its pretty small !

Okay that’s for the box.Let us take a look at the contents shall we –  Inside the box , you have the modem , quick getting started guide , power adapter and the network cable

The Contents - You have the modem , the power adapter , the network cable and the quick installation/getting started guide

The modem looks huge but honestly I was fooled by its size. Its pretty small and actually it fits in your hands perfectly. Oh yeah here is the picture of the modem *up close and personal*. I’ve seen several modems before for Wireless , this includes Jaring’s Wireless , Time Webbit and Maxis ZTE MF600. But so far this is the smallest modem that I’ve seen for WiMax. Naomi told me that they are coming up with a USB Dongle for mobile warriors and such. This is great news especially if you travel a lot !

It fits in your hands perfectly. Oh yeah its pretty light too and its not that heavy to carry around

I’ve placed the modem near the window. As we do know that if you place indoors , you’ll be probably getting low-signal or no signal at all. Anyway the whole process was simple and I can tell you even a 7 year old child or your grandparents can use it. All you have to do is plug and play , wait for it to establish a link with their base station. Voila , you’re connected. This concept works pretty much like Maxis Wireless , Jaring Wireless. all you have to do is plug and play. As for streamyx (our local ADSL provider) , you’ll have to setup connection and such and not many people do understand how to create connection. Anyway , this gives you limited freedom in a sense that if you’re a power user like me – you can’t tweak the modem. Pretty much its pre-configured and you can’t tweak it to give you extra speed or a stable connection (as you could do with streamyx – you could change the handshake protocol , change the time to live (TTL) and all those stuff – Oh don’t worry its not in English. So if you don’t understand , just don’t worry about it. Think about it as chanting some mantra to gain more strength :P)
The close-up look. Well you could see the modem is pretty small and there are only three indicators . one for the network status , network connectivity (has it been hooked up to a PC/Modem) , and Power status (is the thing running in the first place)

Lets take a closer a look at the modem. There are 3 main indicators , one for the power indicator , the other one is the indicator for network and lastly you have three L.E.Ds (red , yellow and green) which tells you the signal strength of your connection. Green is for good connection and red is for ‘bad’ connection. For techies out there , P1’s modem doesn’t give you the technical stuff as in how strong the signal in terms of dB (aka the RSSI) and what are the noise level. So you may be disappointed bit with that. Hopefully they’ll do something about it , maybe by allowing ‘power users’ to check out the signal rating. Think of this as feng shui , for some people they may need to get these values to find a suitable place where to put their modem. Remember people , even if you tilt a modem a bit it has an impact on your connection speed as its Wireless. Placement of the modem is very important in this case.
Quick Speed Test – This is a quick speed test that I’ve conducted today. I am comparing it against my 2Mbps streamyx. Please keep in mind that at the time of testing , my family members were using the streamyx connection , so it may not reflect the ‘actual’ speed that I am getting.

That sums up for Part 1 . In the next review , I’ll be comparing more on P1’s in real life situation such in gaming , in torrenting (oh yeah I do know most of you would be using the Internet to download) , VOIP and basically Video Streaming and blogging arena
Let see how it performs !
By the way , feel free to comment here ,  on what you think about my review and such. Oh if you have comments to P1 too , post them here. I am sure that they have their represnetatives to read or I could direct your quires to them !

5 thoughts to “P1 WiMax Review – Part One”

    1. I will have to verify their claims. I’ll be doing more in-depth analysis myself with the tools that I’ve. It should cover up to 10km in radius , this is because with my old Jaring Wireless , it can cover up to 5km in radius and I have to tell that I did manage to get a signal even though i am outside of their coverage map (~6km from their base station)

  1. I just subscribe to their service and by using a GPS I gauge the distance between the tower to my house which is 1.6KM away. I get a very poor coverage except on the second floor of my house. Some more have to be a fix spot only it will get the coverage. I manage to borrow the modem from my friend to test it and once I got the right spot, immediately I use a permanent marker pen to mark the spot.
    To my surprise I get a green light which means full bar. If I shift it to other location, there are no coverage at all. I guess it must be utilizing point of sight or straight line for the service to reach you. So far I am very happy with the service vs. my Celcom and Maxis HSDPA which practically crap around my area as I stay very near to the hill. Even mobile phone service coverage also very difficult to get.
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