P1 Free W1Max Trial – Here I come

Well , Its been a long time since I’ve checked my e-mail and guess what – I was selected for P1 W1Max Trial. This is great news , I can test drive their WiMax for 6 months and post a complete review (as just like I did with Maxis Wireless). I’ll be heading to their office tomorrow to collect my modem to test it out. I’ll be mainly doing comparison in several aspect , how it performs

OMG - Free 6 months Trial
OMG - Free 6 months Trial- Time for a test drive (Removed the person's last name and contact number to protect her privacy)

The good news is that there is an official P1 representative here in a message board. That’s something new for an ISP to do. So far I’ve never seen one that came out to answer users doubts and question. Keep up the good job P1 !. The rest of the ISP , Its a shame that none of your representative come out to give answers but rather just looking the reports. I do have a strong feelingĀ  that Maxis and TM do check out the message board regularly from time to time. Anyway , let you guys know how it goes. If you’re interested to test out P1 W1MAX Trial , then check out this thread . If you have any questions , just ask in the thread itself. There is an official P1 resprentative there that can answer all your questions
I just love when there is an ISP that gets back to its user and hangs out at a place whereby users share their opinions. Kudos P1 ! I can’t wait to test drive your WIMAX service and to write a review. This is something good.
P.S – Of course the 20GB might not be nice for some of us , but if we take a look at the other way – the customer support seems to be pretty good !

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