Its about time they did something – but is it too late ?

Finally , its about time that our local police did something right . They did call in the FBI to investigate on Nurin’s and Sharlinie’s case. As we do know that the late Nurin passed away and Sharlini has been abducted by the same person which they believed to have murdered Nurin.  , but till today – they haven’t found any solid evidence .After a very long time , our police sought the assistance of FBI to help to crack the case.
Well that is certainly some progress , I hope the Feds can help our local police team to crack the case and bring the molester to justice. Anyway , They should have sought for help a long time ago, and not now. So let us just pray that they do find Sharlinie alive.
For those of you who don’t know about the whole case , I would suggest you to read this and this .Lets just hope and keep our fingers crossed (or just pray :P) that they bring this so-called Kampung Baru molester to justice

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