BitComet 0.66 "Tweaked/Modified"

I was bored today. Thought of using my 1337 (well not really leet/elite) programming skills to use. It has been a long time since I’ve done programming. Anyway , this time it involves BitComet. The reason why I took it apart and tweaked it because I was inspired by this modded version which I found on Anyway the so-called tweaked version which I found didn’t fit in quite right .
Now , here is the problem – Our ISP in Malaysia (TMNet) throttles BitTorrent , well mainly I can’t get it to download by using Deluge , uTorrent and other BitTorrent clients (including the official version itself). I saw a great potential in this so-called modified version by an uncredited person. I am not sure who did it and what he did , but certainly he did edit a couple of things and changed icon. But I took a step further , by tweaking even furtherand by imposing a minimum 10 Kilobytes/sec upload rate. That’s right people , I am bit sick of people sucking it and then by seeding it at 1Kb/s. You’re forced to seed it at that speed. Its something good and no its not going to make your download that bad
Anyway , enough of talking. Let me present you with my modified version of BitComet 0.66. I don’t take any credits for doing it , but I take credits for modify some aspects of it. There are certain things which I’ve changed and which I felt was necessary to do so . These are :-

  1. Capped the upload limit to 10Kilobytes/sec. Thats it . I don’t care any of your excuses. Sharing is caring. Most people just download it and then forget it about it
  2. Removed other bloated stuff (This includes the so-called ‘hammering’ the Tracker to give more seeders and such which causes the tracker to blacklist your client)
  3. Fixed the lagging issue people complained with this version claiming to causes hangs and stuff like that. Shouldn’t be an issue anymore

Oh here is a screenshot , as you see below the speeds aren’t that great. This is because of the current cable issue that we are facing right now. Once they have fixed the problem ,  I think it can go full blast.

Bit Comet 0.66
Bit Comet 0.66 - Ubuntu isos are downloading in the background and notice the very low CPU usage :P. Unlike the so-called old moded version it doesn't consume that much of CPU !

Anyway here are the download link(s) :-
Link 1 (Rapidshare)
I’ll mirror to my web site later (my other site) as vlexo doesn’t allow me to host rar files and such :p. For transparency sake , I’ve included the original untouched version of BitComet  (if you’re soo paranoid). You could do a hash check or compare its MD5 or whatever that pleases you. I’ll mirror to other sites once the links are back up and kickin’ or whenever there is demand
That’s all now folks. Feel free to leave a comment 😛

11 thoughts to “BitComet 0.66 "Tweaked/Modified"”

  1. It’s a nice effort to cap the upload limit, but IMO it wouldn’t be quite effective because if those leechers knows about the cap they wouldn’t even want to use it.

  2. i like this. i likes it a lot. 🙂
    the upload enforcement is a stroke of genius, since most people don’t bother trying to upload any faster than 1 or the default 3 of bcmax. personally though I’ve found that i can upload at 15kbps before it affects my download speed, so thats what i do. i’m definitely going to give your version a try once the submarine cables have been repaired, as this would be a bad time to stress out an already stressed out internet 😛

  3. Nice release, this version still resource hogging and there’s still some crashes, but that’s on rarely time line. A part from that, the speed is really good and there’s no junk files. Thanks a lot, looking foreword for your next release.

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