New Entry + GTA IV Madness

It has been like I dont know how long I have not updated my blog post.Thats the disadvantage of blogging , its that you got to keep it up to date otherwise people think that you’re dead. It needs to be mainted from time to time. Well what am I up to currently :-

  • Facebook – Seriously , I am addicted to facebooks. My friends are using it and its great to know what they are doing it currently. Actually I am in it for World Domination. The more the merrier
  • GTA IV – Oh yeah I am loving this game. seriously , it works best on my Pentium D. I’ll try to post up tutorial on how to speed up and such . Finished the game
  • Fallout 3 – Another epic game. I am not a fallout fan myself but this game seriously kicks-ass. Good storyline but then it crashes every now and then. The developers have failed to provide any sort of update for us , Asian versions. The non-US version update fails for an odd reason.

As the old saying goes “Pictures or it didn’t happen”. Here you guys , go a picture of my GTA IV DVD Cover. Will post later for fallout :P(If I’ve the time)

Grand Theft Auto IV DVD
Grand Theft Auto IV DVD - Its hot baby...Oh no , must resist

Time for me to show off (boast) a bit with my Windows! Live gaming card. This shows what I’ve done in game and stuff like that. You can compare it with me 😛 – Oh yeah , I love to boast a bit here and that. Not my character thought , I am just posting here so that I can make even new friends , who knows 😛

You can get yours from

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