Engrish !

Anyway , just read this article. Its in the front page of The Star (November 19th 2008). Just go through (thanks jhcj) for bringing up this matter. Anyway , just read through the article and you’ll notice that the reporter(s) did some sily mistakes. On top of that I wonder why the Editor didn’t bother to take a look. Best of all , its in the front page and even in the Internet. It certainly made my day today !

Oh Dear !
Oh Dear !

I hope Star rectrifies this issue as soon as possible. I mean , in order to improvise our command of the language , we should read newspapers (Right) , but what if they themselves make this mistake. I know we are humans and at times we do mistakes (Oh gosh another oxymoron statement…) . Anyway yo may want to read it through and I am thinking of forwarding this matter to The STAR. Hopefully , they are aware of it !
Not ranting or anything , just pointing out !. Oh no , I am not a Grammar Nazi !
EDIT 1 : It seems that there is a much more superior person then me (read the comment) . Oh well , thanks for pointing out my mistakes. After all , we are humans !

Hello Fujitsu U1010 – Part I

First and formost , I would like to express my gratitude to my dad on sponsoring this UMPC/Netbook. Uh okay let me start the stort (its wise for me to thank the old man dad). So yeah here we are with my new toy of the year , its my chirstmas gift anyway.Before going any further let me first explain to you the concepts of netbook , I am sure that you’ve have seen these tiny notebooks which are under 1 kilogram (well usually , there are some under 2kg). These kind of notebooks are known as Netbooks. The reason why they are called as netbooks or sometimes as UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) i that they are primarily targeted for those who of us would like to carry a PC around with us which is handy and its powerful enough to cater our daily needs as opposed to PDAs/iPhone/iPod Touch , etc. The screen is usually around 7″-10″ LCD (wide screen LCD to be more precise)
So What’s the use of Notebooks then ? – Well notebooks will notebooks and netbooks will be netbooks. These are two different things , notebook is a protable computer and its powerful enough (The prices of notebooks are getting cheaper and you could get a pretty powerful computer. For a mere RM 2,000 (around USD$ 400) you could get a laptop which has a decent processor and a decent graphics card for you to game on the go).
Netbooks doesn’t come with a DVD/CD Drive. So you’ll have to buy an external CD/DVD ROM if you wish to install stuff from CD/DVD or watch movies. But these days , people prefer to use their pen drives , which contains a lot of data. This is why netbooks are very slim and lightweight !
Anyway here are the pictures of my baby , its small and its light , weights only around 600grams (609g to be exact). It runs on Intel A110 (Its not Intel Atom , but its Intel pre-atom. Its actually the ULV Version of Pentium M {Dothan}) @ 800Mhz , comes with 40GB 1.8″ HD , 1GB DDR2 RAM , WiFi ,7″WLCD Screen , Tablet Capabilities (I can write on the screen) and a keyboard (The keyboard is a bit crappy). It came along with Windows Vista Home Premium with a downgrade option to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. However , I didn’t take the option to downgrade to Tablet PC Edition as I would be paying more for the software which I didn’t want to. Anyway , Vista was annoying , so I downgraded to Windows XP myself. I’l be posting a tutorial later on how to install Windows on netbooks such as ASUS EEEPC and other netbooks by just using a usb its that simple. Oh yeah , now for the pictures ! Oh yeah I bought it for RM 1999 , its wroth every cent !

Isn't  she cute ?
The overall look of the netbook. She is very slim and sexy. I love how Fujitsu created her with fine detail (although they made a couple of mistakes in the keyboard - I'll explain that later)

The tablet view, it works as a tablet PC as well. Use the stylus and write on the screen !

If you want to find out its more detailed specifications , you may want to click this . I’ll be writing in couple of days on the usage and , battery life and how praticial is it in daily situations.

Reviving Things Back

It has been a long time since i’ve abonded my blog and its about time for me to revive back. You know what made me to revive , its this blog entry posted by Karhoe (As Jun Hui said you’re a pro computer and uh account dude guy – Yes , he is right as always). I noticed there were a lot of comments asking me on how to load up the media center on the HDD. Guess what Guys I’ll do it , if not I’ll offer free lunch to you all. Nah just kidding. So yeah thats it for today
Its time to bring up this blog and write. Now since I’ve time , I’ll do my best to revive the glory of my blog !