HD Debate :Quality Difference -Does It Matter ?

So , here is another article on Quality difference between HD and non HD Sources. As some of us ask , why do we need to fork a lot of money and get a HDTV whereby we could get to see the same movie on our normal CRT. An average Malaysian thinks it in this way , as he or she can get to see stuff from ASTRO (Satelite provider here in Malaysia , they broadcast in 4:3 SD 576i). So its pretty much tuned for an old TV. However if you plan to hook up your brand new shiny LCD/Plasma HD TV , you’ll notice that the quality doesn’t look great. You’ll be seeing blackboxes for 16:9 movies and other funny stuff. For your information , on widescreen televisions you shouldn’t be seeing a letterbox , its meant for normal 4:3. However you wouldn’t have any choice if the broadcaster broadcasts at 4:3. However this isn’t the issue here. What We are going to focus on how the picture looks like when you view it on HDTV and a normal TV. For this case , i’ve taken a scence from Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith.

Yes people , its Star Wars !. I am a big fan of Star Wars myself , use to hate it but after reading the sagas and going through novels , you’ll truly understand that in Star Wars that there are just more then Jedis. Trust me on this !. Anyhow , I wouldn’t be going into that but rather I’ll be focusing on quality difference here. I’ll be comparing a source from BluRay (720p) and one from DVD (576i).
Lets take a look at the 720p. Usually HD content are either in 720p or 1080i/p. Usually people go for p rather then i as p is progressive scan and there is no need of de-interlacing whereby quality can be lost. To even watch this movie you must have a good PC that has enough power to decode it , otherwise you’ll be suffering from frame skips. If you click the picture and if you take a look closely , you’ll notice the picture is rich in details, I mean you could get to see the Chancellor’s face clearly , Anakin’s face and the rich details behind it. Not to mention Chancellor’s wrinkles as well.Of course a 1080p of the same source , gives you twice the experience with the rich details ! However I don’t have the 1080p version of Star Wars Episode III

Now lets take a look at the normal “DVD” quality. These are common around the Internet and even in video stores. These are DVD version. They have been downsized and fitted for a DVD , meaning that they are primaraly targeted for SDTV (normal TVs) rather then HDTV.  So they have some of their details been cut to make it to fit in a DVD. If you view it on a normal TV , you’ll notice that its crystal clear , however when you try to play the same picture on HDTV , you’ll notice that there aren’t much details you can see. Some of us wouldn’t mind of the quality aslong its tolerable. Obviously , its tolerable but for some of us who would like to get the extra details then they’ll just hop to 720p/1080p aka HDTV Quality !

You be the judge now – Which one do you like to watch ?. I am sure that most of us would choose to go for the first one rather then the second. But some of us don’t really mind , that depends how you view it. If you aren’t bothered or paranoid about the details. Then you would say that the second one should be just nice , after all I am just watching a movie and its not important if i want to get the extra details or not. So , its very subjective. However if you own a HDTV then its recommended for you to watch a HD Content to make full use of your Television , and as for us *those who still have a normal TV* , the DVD version still gives a superior quality on our normal TV.
So what I would like to empathise is that HDTV does offer a very good video but again there is no point of getting HDTV to view your *cheap* priated DVD collection or watching Analogue Satelilte (in this ASTRO). As its meant for normal TV and once you view it on your LCD/Plasama you’ll notice the picture quality isn’t as sharp as your old TV. However if you are more into HD Content , then HDTV would be a worth investing in. There isn’t anything wrong of buying HDTV now . but if you are just into watching ASTRO then there is no point of getting one. It would advisiable to get one once ASTRO has launched HD Services

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