The Throttling & The Truth Behind It

Great , this is another chapter from our ISP in Malaysia. Recently , TMNet has started to throttle peer-to-peer connection. This holds true for BitTorrent , eMule and other forms of p2p including lime wire. Some even say Peer-2-Peer TV applications are also throttled as well. However I am not able to verify it. Now let us face some harsh facts shall we. Let me all ask you a honest question right here , in this very blog entry – let me ask you this harsh question
Can you afford to fork out a lot of money on buying retail DVDs and BluRay disc in Malaysia ? (I am not going to compare to countries such as the US , UK whereby you can get rentals at a very cheap price)

Most of us would say , uh its not worth it to fork out that much of money on just buying couple of movies. Some would say that its better to watch it at the cinema and others would take the other route of either buying illegal dvds or downloading from the internet , this holds true for most people here in Malaysia. I’ve done a bit of research myself and I’ve asked couple of people and they have admitted downloading copyrighted material through the Internet. Now , that’s for us – we are trying to get something for free. Surely you may say that sharing is caring , but however it isn’t true for this case. These people wouldn’t be getting their revenue and ISPs would be having a big headache. I am going to explain a bit on the latter.The explanation is simple , ISP wants to throttle because peer-to-peer software uses a lot of connection which clogs up the whole network. Think of it like this , in Malaysia. Taking the SMART Tunnel (Toll in other countries or expressway. You can come up with your own local example) to bypass the massive traiffc jams. Its just like that. ISP does it something like that. They need to prevent these folks from using the bandwidth 100% which causes a  lot of problems for other users.

kTorrent on Ubuntu
kTorrent on Ubuntu - If you notice the downstream speed is slow as opposed to upstream despite the fact that its connected to many peers and seeders !

Now you may disagree with me and with the ISP saying that you’re paying for the bandwidth and you have the right to do whatever as you please to do. However you must understand that you aren’t paying for a dedicated connection. This means your ISP has the rights to thorttle your connection at anytime , plus they will enforce QoS policy to give speeds at best effort. However if you’re on a business plan , you might not face this restriction as you are paying more for it and on top of it its catered for business users. If things go wrong , pretty much the ISP would be dead by now ! Although some ISPs still throttle it. Well many of you say “Why can’t the ISPs upgrade their lines for home users ?”. Firstly , they aren’t bothered about it as it costs money and they aren’t willing to fork out that much of money just to satisfy your needs. Secondly , when a particular ISP monopolizes the whole broadband market , you don’t have much choice to live up with it. No matter how you rant , complain or take action. They still win at the end , as you’re forced to use the particular service. However , if you read the Terms of service of your ISP (in this case we are assuming that you’re using Malaysian Broadband provider – Telekom Malaysia’s streamyx) , you would notice that they do not guarantee for International throughput , simply meaning that if your International sites load slow , you can’t just complain much. They do guarantee a minimum of 70% of advertised speed for local links
So now lets get back to our torrent issue. Pretty much we are dead. You may try the best torrent clients out there such as Deluge , kTorrent , µTorrent , Xunlei (English version)  but you would still face the problem of slowness. You don’t have much of choice then to go for a VPN Service or to use a hosted-torrent services. These services are growing like mushrooms now.(Here are some examples and you can get these results from Google) Everywhere you turn , there is a new VPN Service that bypasses this restriction. However , it doesn’t matter how it sounds (non-profit , etc) they all do provide these services for a fee of course. Some of us wouldn’t have a choice but to just go with it and others would use file hosting services such as rapidshare , mediafire to get their daily dosage. It depends how you view it , it seems that these folks are making money and I guess it isn’t free anymore to get stuff already. Bah , now even to download things from the Internet (illegally) it costs you money as well. sure you may just use your torrent client and suffer with slow speeds and rant , or you could take the other way.
After doing a bit of calculation , I think that peer-to-peer has changed to pay-2-play service. The technology is still free. However , most of the ISPs are blocking it which makes it useless to get your daily dosage. I guess , now I hope some of these companies that offers movie rentals such as Apple iTunes music store do open up in Malaysia or even some other big company that provides legal material at very low price. I don’t mind paying if its RM 10-20 a month , rather then paying for rapidshare or VPN or dedicated torrent service as I could get these stuff legally and at the same time supporting the people who produced the piece of art (let it be music or movies).
So what are your thoughts and comments ? I would love you hear your thoughts and feedback on this issue. How do you view this issue ? Who should we blame ? What shall we do ? I don’t know and I hope I’ve provoked your thought today !

5 thoughts to “The Throttling & The Truth Behind It”

  1. 100% agree with you about the rental service.
    I live at perlis, you should come here, almost everything is pirated.Just got couple of shops that sells some items originally.
    Najmis last blog post..Raya Week!

  2. streamyx starts to throttling non p2p download…
    they go and block some direct download site like rapidshare…
    really scarry if buy premium account also get nut download speed.
    this one i read quite a lot on
    anyway, i think buying rs premium or megaupload premium is better than paying for vpn cos sometimes, old torrent have no speed but not for ddl!
    joshuatlys last blog post..Nice video to share…

  3. I paid for my connection, and i expect at least a decent service out of it. These days, your rapidshare premium accounts dont even help, as the speeds are also capped badly.
    I was an IT admin in a big company, and our DEDICATED LINE was capped. What nonsense.
    The last 2 weeks Im lucky to download at 20kbps. Lets see if you are happy to get those kinda speeds for lengthy durations when your easily supposed to get 150-200kbps.

  4. Cheers for my homeboy Najmi. I’m using streamyx 2Mbps ADSL for my cyber cafe in Perlis & I have to fork RM 688 per month for the fix ip package. But the saddest thing is, even though I opted for business package, customers still complaint abt. lagging issue time to time. I dun see what ‘edge’ that I have compared to other cybercafe which is using the cheaper package.
    However, I agree with ur main argument mr prasys. Lack of competition what making them being cockier, ignorant & deaf. Look at Astro for example. Bet they’ll wet their pants once another pay TV. Bet they’ll open their ears (as big as their satellite dish) to the consumers complaints.
    Wish that we could boycott TM…but still the savior is nowhere to be seen yet…

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