Uranium Ore Anyone ?

Psst , looking for some uranium so that you can start your own turf war , kill a friend and steal all his/her assets , or if you just want to glow in the dark to impress your girl-friend or boy-friend. Look no further
his is what exactly you can get over at Amazon (No I am not joking). Its a real uranium ore , and its not a play toy. If you think I am joking then click here and go to Amazon and check it out for yourself ! Psst , you don’t have to call the pest control after this and yeah this can be the big thing for you guys (No I am not encouraging to start a nuclear war but this is just funny)

Urnaium Ore Anyone - You can get it from Amazon - Now how easy is that !
Urnaium Ore Anyone - You can get it from Amazon - Now how easy is that !

However , this product is somewhat safe as it only emits 1200 CPM (For those of who are taking Chemistry or do have its background , kindly refer to this site to get more in-depth analysis for the Geiger Counter Comparison ). Anyhow , I bet by buying this product it puts you to the CIA Suspect list , especially if you’re buying it outside of the US. Its still funny that Amazon is listing this product. I bet most of you would laugh , after reading the review from people who have actually bought this product
Anyhow , I hope it made your day as well as mine. This is an intresting find that I managed to get over at Encyclopedia Dramatica. Oh yeah , I am not encouraging to use or to accquire this thing. Its just created for humerous purposes – to make you to laugh.

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