Prasys V2 – The New layout

Finally , I’ve managed to scarp off my old look and upgraded my blog with a better looking theme. Customizing CSS was pain in the butt. Imagine that it does take some time for you to tweak with it till you get the prefect layout that you want. Anyhow , I hope that you do enjoy this new theme as opposed to my old messy theme. Its organized now , and well it looks way better then last time. Here is the changelog

  • Chat Box – Its easier for me to rick roll blog roll you guys as opposed to last time. If you think that you would like to exchange links , go ahead and post it there. I would certainly add you and I would be stalking you as well (Nah , I’ll just visit your blog from time to time or your site)
  • Cleaner Layout – Last time it used to be soo messy but now everything has been cleaned , now my site looks better and its much more presentable
  • New Plugin – Commentluv I found this plug-in over at Jessica’s blog. While lurking around , I found that this is the plug-in that I’ve been looking for a long time. Its a nifty plug-in that when a user replies it just states on whats their latest blog post entry. Its nifty and I think it would attract more people to post comments here as well (Hence making it lively)
  • Fixed Footer – Phew that took a long time to correct it. Made it more elegant and I’ve included my copyright information as well so that leechers don’t leech away. I guess i need to scout for a copyright protection thingy or something like that

I am not sastified yet but there are lots of things that I should do to make this blog more attractive especially in content wise. I guess I’ll be blogging back on real life issues
There are lots of other things for me to do as well. Mainly in optimising the site layout and writing a better guide and as well as explaining on things that are going along. Its been ages since I’ve talked on the current issues. So for now , do enjoy my new site layout !

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