My HTPC + HD Experince

Behold my HTPC - What , the picture is too blurrrryyyy ? You can't see. Read on more *Its a suspense* - WARNING : You might be addicted to it!

Over the past , I think 5-6 years (I would say my entire life). We have been using a simple CRT Setup + SAMSUNG Home Treater (acts as an amplifier and outputs sound to 5.1 speakers). Its about time to move on to HTPC World. There are many advantages of using a HTPC + LCD Together (Trust me it sucks on CRT – Well you can load Media Centre and watch movies but thats just bout it. Don’t think of surfing the Web or playing games on the CRT TV as Resolution is just going to suck. No matter what). If you want to have a look at the pictures , please feel free to do click on Read More to read my in-sight comments and thoughts on my current HTPC setup and as well as pictures – I do believe a picture says a thousand words
We did a complete ‘makeover’ of our home. Bought a new LCD TV (it came along with Free DVD Player + S-Video Cable + HDMI Cable) and a new PC to go with it (a HTPC). Its nice for light gaming and to watch HD Movies. Anyhow , here are the pictures. I’ll post the full specs along with how I did manage to configure Windows Media Center to play nice and other stuff
Its running Windows Vista Home , I hate this OS soo much but then you don't have much of a choice
My PANASONIC TX-37LX80 (37" LCD) + Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse .Its running Windows Vista Home , I hate this OS soo much but then you dont have a choice - or do you

Anyway , thats my TV.  Its HD Ready (No its not 1080p , although it can support 1080i. Or is it the other way around. God knows what. But What I know that its 720p. sufficient enough to watch ASTRO and to play games. You can’t expect much from our local provider .Anyhow watching ASTRO on HD is somewhat okay , I mean some channels are okay and some aren’t. You’ll get used to it , its just that it lacks of Detail. No matter what improvement they are , the quality still sucks. I haven’t tried upscaling it yet , I might do it to see if it really improves the quality by using Dscaler !
My HTPC + Lord Ganesha + Samsung's Subwoofer  - Isn't it cute ?
My HTPC + Lord Ganesha + Samsung

Back to the HTPC , well its just a simple yet powerful HTPC. Its using Intel Pentium Dual E2180 inside (a cheapo version of C2D) , 2GB of RAM , Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 MCE Edition (I bought another Tuner that works as well but this works much more better and comes along with all the bells and whistles , imagine – I could change my ASTRO Channel by using 1 Remote – Now Ain’t that cool)  , XFX GeForce 8500GT 256MB DDR2 with HDMI out – Just to get it to work properly and i need to get a card which has HDMI. Just to make sure that i can watch those HD Files on the computer. Oh yeah , its powered by a 250GB SATA II HDD. I might have to expand it more in the near future – but for now it does it !. I am going to write a guide on how to configure software tuner to play along with Windows Media Center Edition and ASTRO. I did use this guide (its very handy). On top of that , a gentleman has started his own HTPC Community for Malaysians to enjoy. Its not lively as I think there isn’t enough people. Anyhow , it seems to be a neat community , with couple of guides on how to configure things , but thats just about it. I am trying to make the place more lively by adding some spices

Lastly but not least ,here is a picture of my ASTRO Decoder along with the Free DVD Player that came along with my LCD TV. If you notice there is somekind of IR Transciver in front of my ASTRO Decoder. Its just none other then the IR TRansciver that enables me to switch channels by using the Media Center Remote that came along with my TV Tuner card – Thats bout it for today. I am going to finish up my real life matters and write more entries on my life and as well as things that i enjoy doing most !

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