Horray , my family finally decided to mvoe on to the HD World and as a complement to that , I did manage to get a HTPC so that the family can record TV shows , watch movies without bugging me to connect the PC to the CRT and then to stream. Bah now with LCD its possible. Anyway , last saturday they were having this gantic sales over at Mid Valley and managed to grab a 37″ LCD by Panasonic (cant get the exact model ID) and a HTPC as well to go with it

Anyhow , now I am having problems tuning ASTRO. Not to mention , ASTRO’s Customer Service sucks big time. Here is a picture , (I’m not using Windows Media certified TV Tuner but thats not the case) , I just need to get it tuned to the right frequency and then I’m set
More to come and I promise I’ll try my best to keep this blog alive. I’ll write a tutorial to get cheap TV Tuner cards to work with MCE. Not to mention its remote too !

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