September 16th Should be a Public Holiday

Our country (Malaysia) has just celebrated its 51st Independence on 31st August 2008. Now what concerns me is that , the actual date when Federation of Malaysia was formed was on 16th September 1963. What concerns me that on that very day its not a public holiday for us Malaysians.

Malaysia Day celebration in 1963. (Majulah Malaysia means Onwards Malaysia) - Source Wikipedia
Malaysia Day celebration in 1963. (Majulah Malaysia means "Onwards Malaysia") - Source Wikipedia

For Sabahans , its a public holiday because it is the birthday of Sabah’s Head of State. Great ! – Not to honour our country. For those who are in residing in West Malaysia , you may not feel the pinch but how about those who are from Sabah and Sarawak , they would feel it. Its like they aren’t being respected and the very day when Malaya was known as Malaysia is not a public holiday. This is the very day , when our First Prime Minister – Tunku’s Abdul Rahman’s dream turned into a reality. He actually wanted to form Malaysia to free Singapore  ,Sabah and Sarawak from British colonisation. 
Not to mention these days politicians are just opening their mouth and saying we aren’t patriotic enough and not showing our support to the nation. Now , how could you set an example to us , as a politician you must lead and show us you truly care for the nation. At least , I hope that our politicians would declare as a state holiday for Sabah and Sarawak at least. I hope that my cries and the cries of Sabah and Sarawakians are heard as well. Please , do it for the sake of our Nation and remember this year’s National Day Theme is all on Unity , “Unity Is The Core of Success” – Its a nice slogan and together we must stand as one nation (Also the Federal Government must acknowledge Sabah and Sarawak’s contributuion to our country. Yes – a lot , right from crude oil to our national landforest that lures tourists from all over the world) 
The Unity Band - It symbolises that malaysians should be united as one race
The Unity Band - It symbolises that malaysians should be united as one race

I hope they do declare it as a state holiday for Sabah and Sarawakians. Thats my plea , I hope its being heard by the officials as I do believe that We (Malaysians) must learn to respect each other (even states and our differences in language , cultural background and religion). Oh if you’re interested to know more on how Malaysia was formed , you may want to click here

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  1. Wish you could do a polll to see how many malaysian would want a public holiday on 16 sept.
    Keep up the good job as I find your blog very interesting!!!!!!!

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