Maxis and MSN Diliema

Using Maxis Wireless Broadband ? Having issues with MSN disconnection issues. I bet’cha. This is one of the most common problem faced by Maxis Wireless Broadband users. If you notice , most of them are just grumbling saying that its very hard for them to connect to Windows Live Messenger. Yeah , you bet. Lets anyalze why such thing occurs
Firstly , MSN Messenger connects to its server by  establishing a connection through port 1863 to (This is their address anyway).  You can test my hypothesis by using Pidgin or Adium X. I’ll provide screen shot later for you guys to check it out anyway

But as we all know , this port is being blocked. This is why you keep on getting disconnected. MSN Messenger or in this case Windows Live Messenger wants to establish a direct connection with your PC. Unfortunately , Maxis has configured their Gateway (err in lay man’s term their “connection”) with a very good reinforced firewall that pretty much just drops the packet or makes it harder for it to connect. This is why you are getting sucky speed for your p2p traffic and suffering from very high latency when playing games (like 20-30k pings) . Its not because of the fact that its wireless , its just that Maxis does it so that everyone gets to have fair silce of the bandwidth. Now , if you keep on trying , the system will detect that the port is being blocked and it will try to establish its connection over port 80. (This is why you’re able to connect). However if you use port 80 , you’ll notice that the file transfers are slow and you might be disconnected again. This is the nature of port 80 itself as their servers are busy
So what can you do about it ? – Well there are several alternatives you could do. If you’re getting annoyned not being able to connect. You could try to use these alternatives
Pidgin (Windows/Linux)
Adium X (OSX)

If you’re using Pidgin or Adium X , you can configure it to connect to via HTTP server , so that it will get connected
I’ll try to come up with pictures and more information. But for now , due to tied down with exams and lots of preparation to do. This shall do the trick for now

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