Uranium Ore Anyone ?

Psst , looking for some uranium so that you can start your own turf war , kill a friend and steal all his/her assets , or if you just want to glow in the dark to impress your girl-friend or boy-friend. Look no further
his is what exactly you can get over at Amazon (No I am not joking). Its a real uranium ore , and its not a play toy. If you think I am joking then click here and go to Amazon and check it out for yourself ! Psst , you don’t have to call the pest control after this and yeah this can be the big thing for you guys (No I am not encouraging to start a nuclear war but this is just funny)

Urnaium Ore Anyone - You can get it from Amazon - Now how easy is that !
Urnaium Ore Anyone - You can get it from Amazon - Now how easy is that !

However , this product is somewhat safe as it only emits 1200 CPM (For those of who are taking Chemistry or do have its background , kindly refer to this site to get more in-depth analysis for the Geiger Counter Comparison ). Anyhow , I bet by buying this product it puts you to the CIA Suspect list , especially if you’re buying it outside of the US. Its still funny that Amazon is listing this product. I bet most of you would laugh , after reading the review from people who have actually bought this product
Anyhow , I hope it made your day as well as mine. This is an intresting find that I managed to get over at Encyclopedia Dramatica. Oh yeah , I am not encouraging to use or to accquire this thing. Its just created for humerous purposes – to make you to laugh.

The Current Economic Issues

Republican leaders speak to reporters on Monday after the bailout bill failed to pass. (Source : CNN)
Republican leaders speak to reporters on Monday after the bailout bill failed to pass. (Source : CNN)

Well as the old saying goes by , when US catches a cold , the rest of the world sneezes. I think its true , especially when the $700 billion  Bailout Plan by the US Government failed to pass at the Congress .Of course , both parties will start to point fingers to each other and blame. Thats not the issue her , but rather what will happen to the US Economy and not to mention to the world economy. Obviously , US is going to cut imports for sure , but when they cut imports , countries such as Japan , Malaysia , Singapore , and a lot of countries woud be having a big problems. Its sad , many of the investors are shaken. I am sure its not going to be an easy fix for this , as it takes time and obviously people’s purchasing power will be reduced and inflation might shoot up again. This also will slow down tthe whole market as well , who knows – new Intel chips , graphics card mght be delayed because of this (I am just speculating – Nobody is prefect enough to predict how would the market be tomorrow). I’ll be blogging more on this as I get news. For your information , both of the presidential candidates ,  McCain and Obama has quickly responded to this issue. I guess both of them are very interested in resolving this issue and winning the heart of voters !
Now lets get back to Malaysia , I guess by increasing the intrest rate , purchasing power of consumers would decrease and it would make it bit harder for the people to invest on properties such as houses , commericial lots. Of course , its one of the ways for the Government to reduce the inflation rate otherwise it would be going sky-rocket high ,  This would encourage people to save , to offset the current inflation. Guess folks , this is the right time for you guys to save $$$$

Getting Cheap TV Tuners to play along with Media Center

My WinTV PVR 150 Media Center Kit TV Tuner
My WinTV PVR 150 Media Center Kit TV Tuner - This uses Hardware MPEG2 Encoder which works with Windows Vista Media Center

Before I bought the Hauppauge TV Tuner (PVR 150 MCE Edition) , I bought a WinFast 200 XP RM Tuner. I thought that it would just work like the rest of the tuners (Bought it for RM 145). I found out that the TV Tuner doesn’t work with Windows Vista Media Center Edition as Windows Vista prefers a Hardware MPEG-2 Encoder , usually those expensive TV Tuners such as Hauppauge TV Tuner comes along with it. Whats the difference you ask , well there are some difference between the two. Lets take a look at them shall we-. Firstly ,TV Tuners that do not use a hardware MPEG2 Encoder , they’ll usually only work with softwares (aka PVR Software) that comes along with the hardware. The software doubles as a software MPEG-2 Encoder , in other words it uses up your CPU Cycles to encode MPEG-2 Video direct from the steam and feed it to the TV. Usually with a fast CPU you wouldn’t feel the pinch but when you try to use a slow CPU , lets say 450Mhz you’ll be seeing the frames are being chopped as the CPU isn’t fast enough to encode the Stream and output it. Okay , now lets say you have a decent CPU (Pentium 4 1.6Ghz and above) and you don’t have the moola ($$$) to buy a hardware encoder card and yet you still want to use Windows Media Center  to record. Then continue to read on my journey…on how to convert your cheapo TV Tuner card to work with MCE. If you’re using a software TV Tuner that is – Otherwise you’ll be getting this error !
Whoopsy ! - Guess it doesn't see the card !
Whoopsy ! - Guess it does not like my Card

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Happy (Belated) Birthday Google

Wow , I’ve been with Google for the past 6 years. I have been using AdSense with them and then I got suspended for an odd reason (Its because of some violation I guess , but It was fun serving with them) and I am proud to say that I am one of the first few people who managed to get a gmail invite. Oh yeah , I did manage to get a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate , Postcards from Atlanta , New York and many other places in the states and couple of other goodies. Those were the days. So I would like to wish Google Happy 10th Birthday. You are still serving me every day – Right from Blogspot , YouTube , Gmail , Google Search …(and the list goes on)

Googles 10th Birthday
Google's 10th Birthday - Happy Birthday Google

I am using you every single day , in fact we all should be thankful to Google for this. I wonder how the Internet will be like without Google. I truly call Google as the backbone of the Internet , especially to the new comers who are new to the Internet. Wishing Google all the sucess. My hope is to work for Google , who knows with God’s grace and my wheelpower , I might just do it. Only the All Mighty God knows (It doesn’t matter what religion you are or if you don’t even believe in “God”).
Anyway ,here is the blog post by Google on their 10th Anniversary ! – I can go back and lecture on the old times when Google was young back in 1997-1998 (when they first brought Dial-Up here in Malaysia for home users) , but it would be too lenghty and boring. If you guys want to know and if there is demand , I would certainly blog bout it as well

My Thoughts on the 1st US Presidential debate

It was a very tense debate , between Senator Obama and Senator McCain when debating on issues that matters most to Americans. At first , even as a foreigner who was watching the whole debate via CNN , I am pretty impressed with both the candidates to tackle the issue and deliver the speech as opposed to our local MPs when it comes to delivering speech. It seems to be soo professional and it does sound convincing. I’m not taking a stance here but rather to point out how they performed overall

McCain vs Obama - So who is the winner (Source : Hollywood Reporter)
McCain vs Obama - So who is the winner (Source : Hollywood Reporter)

Lets take a look at it , shall we. Firstly , I love the way Senator Obama address his opponent , rather then calling by his last name , he uses his first name and he listens to what Senator McCain has to say. Plus I love the way how he says he agrees although it seems to be bit weak – but who knows it could be his tactics as well. Overall , I find Obama’s speech was pretty impressive. Although he did not go into details (like Sen. McCain) but he did say on how hes going to  build up America’s economy and how to manage and improvise taxes and not to mention on foreign issues such as Iran , Iraq , Russia and Georgia

Stagehands working for the Commission on Presidential debates continue to prepare the stage for the first 2008 presidential campaign debate between the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, September 24, 2008.   REUTERS/Jim Bourg
Stagehands working for the Commission on Presidential debates continue to prepare the stage for the first 2008 presidential campaign debate between the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, September 24, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

On the other hand , Senator McCain was playing a role of a father. It seems to be most of the time he was lecturing to Obama , saying that he knows how is it done and he has been in the senate for a long time. I find it its bit boring , as it seems that McCain thinks that he has a upper hand advantage compared to Obama on these kind of issues. The part which I liked most is when Senator Obama did a very good counter attack on Senator McCain’s judgment on the war on Iraq and other stuff. Apart from that , Senator McCain wasn’t friendly as Senator Obama , especially when he was frozen there and did not address his opponent by seeing him or hearing him what he has to say. Most of the time , McCain talks about his past , which once again I find it bit boring. Maybe the older generations may truly understand , but I don’t (and I don’t think younger generations are interested in hearing those stuff – I could be wrong)
Eye on Malaysia is one of the finest place to visit here in Kuala Lumpur. I hope someday there would be an open debate for our Future Malaysian PM Cadidates to debate on !
Eye on Malaysia is one of the finest place to visit here in Kuala Lumpur. I hope someday there would be an open debate for our Future Malaysian PM Candidates to debate on !

Overall the summary , I don’t think anything new that has been mentioned in the debate. Pretty much its the old story over and over again. As I’m not an American , I can’t comment any further on what implications on the foreign policy and economic policy. Of course , I’ll be doing my research as well on it and I will be posting my thoughts on it as well. I love how these people debate. As like any other Malaysian , I hope to see that such debate are also organized in Malaysia , between our Prime Minister and Opposition leader on issues that matters most to Malaysians.  Wouldn’t it be great , bah that’s just my 2 cent worth of thoughts only.
If you want to read more on the debate , I suggest you to visit these following links


Great , I am getting lazier and lazier to come up with unique blog content. I guess I’ll be updating my blog later. Lets see my to do list
1. Write a tutorial on how to setup Windows Media Centre
2. The uPnP Quide
3. Quickstart Wireless Guide
4. My thoughts
Sigh , long way to go !

Protecting your WordPress Plugins and Themes

Your Average Script Kiddie !
Your Average Script Kiddie !

I’ve just found out today that by default wordpress installation doesn’t protect the plug-ins and themes folder. Which enables script-kiddies to explore and steal your theme and your works as well and claim its theirs. Especially if you have purchased a theme. Anyway , there are couple of methods to protect your wordpress plugins and theme folder. I am sure you have heard of the 403 Forbidden method whereby you’ll restrict access to the folder when there is no index file. Alternatively you may place a blank index.html or php file in these sites to prevent the directory to be listed.

Anyhow , those methods are ‘old skool’ style and there will never do anything. To teach these script-kiddies a lesson , we must use their same method and use it against them. Get the point ?  Its by rick rolling them. I created a simple php script that redirects them to this site (WARNING : Don’t click it , Trust me you don’t want to get rick rolled). You may download this simple php script by clicking here. Place them in /wp-contents/plugins and /wp-content/themes folder. Alternatively you may place in /wp-contents/ folder as well just to be extra safe. Now , whenever they try to access your plugins/themes folder , they will be redirected to another site and voila -rick rolled. Two things in one. Next time i am trying to make it to open mutiple windows so that it sucks more RAM out of their PC and it will teach these script kiddies a lesson not to mess with someone’s site. Oh it works for everything , not only word press. If you want to protect a directory properly I would suggest you to use hta  access , but if you want to teach these people a lesson then the best method would be by rick rolling them. Imagine , using their own tricks against them ! Now you don’t have to worry about those pests  (Well not really , but at least it would stop some of them)

Repel Spray , It just works - Yeah , even for script kiddies !
Repel Spray , It just works – Yeah , even for script kiddies !

For those of you who do not know what is a Rick Roll , I would suggest you to read this article over at Wikipedia

Prasys V2 – The New layout

Finally , I’ve managed to scarp off my old look and upgraded my blog with a better looking theme. Customizing CSS was pain in the butt. Imagine that it does take some time for you to tweak with it till you get the prefect layout that you want. Anyhow , I hope that you do enjoy this new theme as opposed to my old messy theme. Its organized now , and well it looks way better then last time. Here is the changelog

  • Chat Box – Its easier for me to rick roll blog roll you guys as opposed to last time. If you think that you would like to exchange links , go ahead and post it there. I would certainly add you and I would be stalking you as well (Nah , I’ll just visit your blog from time to time or your site)
  • Cleaner Layout – Last time it used to be soo messy but now everything has been cleaned , now my site looks better and its much more presentable
  • New Plugin – Commentluv I found this plug-in over at Jessica’s blog. While lurking around , I found that this is the plug-in that I’ve been looking for a long time. Its a nifty plug-in that when a user replies it just states on whats their latest blog post entry. Its nifty and I think it would attract more people to post comments here as well (Hence making it lively)
  • Fixed Footer – Phew that took a long time to correct it. Made it more elegant and I’ve included my copyright information as well so that leechers don’t leech away. I guess i need to scout for a copyright protection thingy or something like that

I am not sastified yet but there are lots of things that I should do to make this blog more attractive especially in content wise. I guess I’ll be blogging back on real life issues
There are lots of other things for me to do as well. Mainly in optimising the site layout and writing a better guide and as well as explaining on things that are going along. Its been ages since I’ve talked on the current issues. So for now , do enjoy my new site layout !

My HTPC + HD Experince

Behold my HTPC - What , the picture is too blurrrryyyy ? You can't see. Read on more *Its a suspense* - WARNING : You might be addicted to it!

Over the past , I think 5-6 years (I would say my entire life). We have been using a simple CRT Setup + SAMSUNG Home Treater (acts as an amplifier and outputs sound to 5.1 speakers). Its about time to move on to HTPC World. There are many advantages of using a HTPC + LCD Together (Trust me it sucks on CRT – Well you can load Media Centre and watch movies but thats just bout it. Don’t think of surfing the Web or playing games on the CRT TV as Resolution is just going to suck. No matter what). If you want to have a look at the pictures , please feel free to do click on Read More to read my in-sight comments and thoughts on my current HTPC setup and as well as pictures – I do believe a picture says a thousand words
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Horray , my family finally decided to mvoe on to the HD World and as a complement to that , I did manage to get a HTPC so that the family can record TV shows , watch movies without bugging me to connect the PC to the CRT and then to stream. Bah now with LCD its possible. Anyway , last saturday they were having this gantic sales over at Mid Valley and managed to grab a 37″ LCD by Panasonic (cant get the exact model ID) and a HTPC as well to go with it

Anyhow , now I am having problems tuning ASTRO. Not to mention , ASTRO’s Customer Service sucks big time. Here is a picture , (I’m not using Windows Media certified TV Tuner but thats not the case) , I just need to get it tuned to the right frequency and then I’m set
More to come and I promise I’ll try my best to keep this blog alive. I’ll write a tutorial to get cheap TV Tuner cards to work with MCE. Not to mention its remote too !