Saiful : But Why Now ?

Saiful bukhari Azlan
Saiful bukhari Azlan

I am sure that most of you have read this article on Saiful swearing on the Quran (just click the link and read). But my question is why did he do it now , I mean the first thing one would do after being sodomised is to swear first , and take both legal actions and of course to take action by using Islamic laws. But as you have all read but why it took him such a long time to do it. I’m not sure if he was really sodomised or not – I leave that up to you to decide. But what I think is that he should have done long time ago , if he really was sodomised. But alas , we will leave that up to the public to decide.
What I would like to express is that only God knows the truth. We (as humans) don’t really know if he was really telling the truth or lying !

WordPress 2.6.1 Upgrade Was A Breeze !

Just upgraded my WordPress installation from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1. According to the folks over at , they have fixed over 60 bugs , exploits and other things in their code. In other words , it just makes your WordPress installation even more secure. The upgrade process was a breeze to me honest , they have made it easier for folks to upgrade from one version to another. Do take note , its recommended for you to backup your wp-content. What I basically did was to rename the folder to wp-content1 and then copy it over to my desktop via FTP (precautionary steps of course – Its better to take’em) . Then I uploaded the whole installation files and removed the original wp-content and renamed back my old wp-content1 to wp-content. Guess what – It did the trick. Of course I had to enable my plug-ins and reconfigure some of my plugins. at the same time , I did update most of my plugins to the newest and greatest version. 

Wordpress - Its easy as pie to start and run your own blogÂ

Verdict : Overall , I would recommend you to upgrade your WordPress Installation from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 as its safer for your blog. The installation was a breeze for me and there weren’t any hiccups along the way (knock on wood). Imagine if there were hiccups – I would be dead by now or worst – crying in a corner whole day long. True , you may call me emo but how do you feel if you have just lost your whole blog because of your silly mistake(s). Anyhow , kudos to the WordPress team for enabling average bloggers such as me to upgrade the software without any problem or playing around with the settings. Do keep up the good job.  Although its not a major update but still its something better then nothing. Bug fixes are important for me compared to features !
Reporting for you guys, 
Psst – i promise to post more real life pics , more informative articles and other things. I promise but I’m just tooo excited on this new WordPress 2.6.1 , 
prasys !

Life goes on & Bigfoot – No wai !

Bah you feel happy and you feel sad. Thats life , sometimes you’re under tremendous pressure and at other times you aren’t. You just wonder why life is full of complexity and surprises. Anyhow thats how I view life.
Anyway , today while lurking in the forums again I did manage to find out something cool – that there have discovered Bigfoot. Hype or real – I don’t know and i think its up for you to decide it. As for me , I think its real and we might have a new specifies after all ! – Now let us just wait and see
What’s next – UFO ?. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they managed to get hold of it !
You should check out this site for more information

How to Configure QoS for Tomato Firmware – Part 1

This is just another basic tutorial by me to teach most of you guys on how to QoS properly. This is the first part. I’ll try to split it into several parts first. Of course if you want to write something good you can’t do it within a day or two. It takes time , especially the explanation part. I believe it would be wiser to explain how things work rather then just showing it to you. This way you’ll appreciate how it works totally and what you can do ! . If you are looking for software solution there is another entry that i’ve blogged about software QoS Solution . Psst , read more on how to configure the thingy , its a lengthy post so it would be better for me to stop it here and then you continue to read if you want to learn more about it !

my modem !
My Beloved Linksys WRT54-G

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MySQL Server is being clogged !

Great , now my server host is having some issues with their MySQL Query. Even after tons of optimisations that I’ve done my side (okay Im bit exaggerating) , I’ve noticed that the server goes down frequently. I’ve submitted a support ticket and hopefully they will look into this matter. Currently , I am writing My QoS guild for tomato firmware !

Oh Streamyx Oh

At first I thought it was me , but lately it seems that my speed doesn’t go beyond 32 Kilobytes/sec . I don’t know why but it seems that they have started to cap HTTP connections as well. I guess they lack of bandwidth or they are testing something new , god knows why. However the good news is that , from 11 pm onwards the connection resumes till the next morning (in other words , the speed goes back up to normal). God knows why they did that for.
I’ll try to dig up and find more information regarding it and post my findings here !

In-depth analysis of P1 W1Max

While lurking in the forums (lowyat)  today and checking out MalaysianWireless to dig up some information on our new up-coming WiMax provider , I did manage to get some pretty good results on it. Let us take a look at it shall we
Firstly , it seems that they are offering 4 different packages ~200Kbps , ~500Kbps , ~1.2Mbps and ~2.4Mbps.  I guess the low end package is meant to have a head-on competition with Maxis and Celcom as they are offering 384Kbps package as well. The 2.4Mbps package is the same I guess. Pretty much they are soon to be package offering resembles Maxis and Celcom’s package. For me , I view it as okay and nothing great about their packaging. Oh yes , its not confirmed – so things might change at the 11th hour or so. I guess the packaging is standard , thats what you get in Malaysia till TM or someone else makes the first move by introducing 10Mbps or 15Mbps package then the rest of the ISPs might follow the foot steps.

P1 Offerings
P1 Offerings

Next let us take a look at what P1Max has to offer us in terms of installation. Installing seems to be a breeze (a la Maxis style). All you have to do is plug and the modem itself will configure automatically. Hurray ! – they can make customers happy and at the same time reduce unwanted calls to the customer service on installation. They have configured their Modem to act as a Router (NAT Device) , meaning that you can just plug it in to your PC and just surf whereas for streamyx , you’ll have to configure your PPPoE Dialer to establish a connection.  The good news is that they assign you a unique and individual  Public IP address – which allows you to download stuff from rapidshare without worrying about it. This was one of the disadvantages of Celcom Broadband as most of the users are tied down with 1 or 2 Public IP Addresses. For the geeks out there , here is the IP configuration (the Internal IP Address of the modem , Gateway and DNS address)
IP Address of your PC  :
IP Address of the modem : (there seems to be a web configuration tool – maybe its possible to do port forwarding as well)
P1’s DNS Address : ,
External IP Address :  120.140.0.x – 120.140.1.x (I guess they have more range)
Another way to lure customers , potentially student is by saying that you don’t have to register Telekom Fixed Line or any sort of things. As most liekly students will be renting a place or living in hostel whereby you are prohibited from installing a fixed line. Their only way of accessing the Internet is either by using College/University’s Internet access (which restricts in many ways) or signing up for Wireless Broadband such as 3G/WiMax. Apart from that , for some people – they disagree with the idea of paying fixed line rental even if you do not use the phone line (Thank god – we have streamyx combo to retrictify this issue)
Thirdly , if we take a look at p2p , it seems that we have no hope on P2P. It might work but then tests shows that ports are being blocked/not opened. This is because P1 uses NAT to have control of the traffic. No wonder they are able to Quality of Service on the traffic. The modem is actually a router as well and it has QoS functionaility , which allows the traffic to be managed by the ISP. In other words , an average customer will think that the connection is fast when he downloads and at the same time he is able to surf youtube without any delays. This is another neat trick by P1 on managing consumers bandwidth. I dont blame them guess they don’t have a lot of bandwidth to spare and it would be best if bandwidth is being conserved and managed rightfully by P1 , but for power users such as me I think it defeats the purpose as I would prefer to have full control of my bandwidth rather then automatically being managed by P1.
Lastly but not least , it seems that the speed tests posted by users from the forums the speed seems to be superb now. People are getting 1.5Mbps for International link and up to 3Mbps for local link. How long that speed lasts is questionable , especially once they have made it publicly avaliable. Let us just wait and see
Thats all for now folks , once I’ve managed to get access to the P1 Web Configuration tool and other stuff – I’ll post em. At this very moment , I am trying to gather some data from lj0000 on the platform that the modem is running and its kernel and all other technicial details !

Demetrox Server and I – The Journey has just begun !


Demetrox Core server -
Demetrox Core server -

Ha, I guess Its been ages since I’ve spoken regarding my part time job. Besides being uh you know what (read my profile if you want to know whats my occupation or you should add me to Facebook to see my 10001 faces and colours of me – Okay I am promoting myself I admit). Today , I would just like to say on my part time job. I am the co-founder of Demetrox Sever , along with Chemitrox, Suresh, Espeon, Emocore, Cinderella and Exia. Few people , started up a WoW Server. Big Deal ! – Yeah right. At first it wasn’t easy as there were other private servers around in the asian region and to be more precise – Malaysian Region. Mainly when people play in private servers , they choose a server that has more players , less bugs and friendly GMs. Those are their criteria when choosing a private server. Read on to know more on my thoughts and comments on private servers in general
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RM 159 for Laptop + 3G Modem + 3G Access

While most of us are striving for WiMax , Celcom has come up with a good deal to lure more potential buyers to switch to Celcom (I am guessing that want to put up with Maxis – as most of the people choose maxis because they provide a modem with it rather , which is somewhat innovative as 3G Modem is expensive and not many people can afford it. If you think for the long run , you’ll certainly buy but then you must think of an average consumer. Would he/she buy a modem for RM 400-500 , the answer is certainly not and celcom failed to attract its customers because of this. Guess they have planned something to pull more customers in , thinking that they could save.
Well actually if you calculate , you wouldn’t be saving that much. The Laptop is just only a Dual Core Pentium Core Laptop , surely you can get one for a very cheap price from HP ,but then you wouldn’t be having any Broadband service. If we take a look at the plan , its RM 68 a month for the 384Kbps Unlimited Internet Package and it doesn’t come with modem. For the one that comes with modem , it costs roughly RM 100. So by adding extra RM 54 a month you’ll be getting a laptop also. I am not sure for how long is the contract but the good news is you get to have the laptop and the modem. After the contract , you’re free to switch providers (Who knows – DiGi might roll their 3G Service by end of this year or by end of the next year and it will be just nice for you to hop on into DiGi)
For students , especially if you are unable to get streamyx or if you are hunting for a laptop for your assignments , then I would highly recommend you to go for this package. Most likely you wouldn’t be needing a fancy laptop with dedicated graphics , Intel Core 2 Duo and other goodies if you are going to use it for assignments and online work. I mean this laptop is fine if you want to run basic games and productivity applications such as Microsoft Office. So if you are are student or if you know someone who is looking for a laptop and Internet access , then ask him/her to get this
P.S – This is just my thoughts. I am not advertising Celcom or anything else nor getting paid by them to post this blog entry !
If you’re a power user , this so-called package isn’t worth it as you know by now that you could save roughly RM 200-300 if you buy the items separately. Not to forget that you wouldn’t be tied with a contract !
I don’t have more information or URL , but you can call celcom (03-36308888 or 1111 from your Celcom Mobile) for more details or just go to one of their centres 

Celcom Latest Offering
Celcom Latest Offering

My Server – Part #2

Remember people , that I’ve posted on my blog saying that I’ve received my Server and here is a picture of it. Yeah , its a bit messy but there you have it. The quality isn’t that great as it was taken from a Camera Phone (my old hp hw6515e smartphone which is a 1.3MP Camera) . This is the picture of my Dell OptiPlex GX110 and it runs ubuntu linux. Here are the functions of my server :-

  1. File server – Usually I store my DVD ISOs or some large file there. Despite the 30GB HDD , I still try to make use of every single byte that I’ve. Of course my large files , videos , music all resides in my main PC. I need to find some time to transfer all my music from my pc to my server and then find a way to appear in my iTunes music sharing list. I am sure there is a way. For now let it be like this , once I’ve saved up enough , I’ll get a Hard Disk for my Server (a larger one)
  2. Torrent server – It runs Deluge with WebUI installed , so that I can add torrent , remove torrent by just any web browser. I don’t have to VNC to the server and control it from there , although I am forced to do it when I want to manage my bandwidth (i.e reduce the upload rate and download rate to make way for my online gaming or YouTube streaming)
  3. Web Server and some lame cheap Text-gaming server – A server isn’t complete without a Web Server. So I’ve installed Apache , PHP and MySql in it. Mainly , I wanted to learn more on web scripting and other things. It would be better for me to test it locally then uploading here. It will be a waste of bandwidth and resources and I don’t want to be held responsible if my script hogs bandwidth or contains flaws. The best way to do is test it in Localhost. My server is live by the way – meaning that it can be accessed by anyone on in the Internet but I am not going to post its URL. No , not yet. I’ve to secure it properly first before posting it
So far thats all that I can think of , of course it will be my primary Linux box as well and it will be used to compile programs and other things. I might even start some binary site (compile oss projects , optimise it and then release it) . Oh yeah , the specs you ask :-
*Drums Roll*Â
Dell OptiPlex GX110 - Pentium III (Coppermine) 800 Mhz || 256MB SDRAM 100Mhz || 3Com Corporation 3c905C-TX/TX-M || Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ || Intel i810 series Board = Intel Corporation 82801AA || SCSI to ATA adapter - ATA Maxtor 2F030L0 || 52x Generic CDROM DriveÂ
There you have it , now stop bugging me and asking me to post my server specs. Oh , nobody asked for it anyway. Just adding spices to make my blog more interesting , thats all !Â
Its My beloved Server - That crunches all the task that I throw at it !
Its My beloved Server - That crunches all the task that I throw at it !