Bye-Bye Beijing'08 and say hello to London'Fi12

Finally , its over the whole ceremony is over just in a blink of an eye. You waited so long for it and when you realised that its started , bam – its already over. Thats how fast time moves. Anyhow I would like to congratulate our Malaysian Badminton player , for at least putting our country’s name in the medal tally list. Well done and I’m so proud to be a Malaysian. Anyhow , what concerns me is that , I stumbled across this 2012 Logo which was posted in the message board. What that attracted me is that some guy who posted this picture on how they came up with the whole 2012 concept 
Anyhow , its just his idea and what I want to express it out is that. I find it bit interesting  to see that many people have many thoughts on how they invented the Olympic logo for the 2012 Olympics in London. Isn’t that amazing , this truly shows how our mind thinks and interprets something that we view. This is why we have different perception on cosmetics , clothing , food and not to mention our selection of words on expressing our thoughts and ideas. I leave that up to you , so that you have something to think. There are other theories that I’ve found in the Internet on how they created this logo. Anyhow , hopefully our locals would be able to get a gold medal in this next Olympics. All the best to them and all the best to other countries. Its about celebrating humanity !

Ack – Internet is down

Bah , wasn’t able to complete my QoS part 2 guys (its half way done). just to let you guys know my DSL connection aka streamyx is down. The DSL light is blinking. I’ve called them up and they said they will attend to me as soon as possible. Let us just wait and see how it goes. I’ll blog on something today just to keep you guys up to date. On top of that I’m very sleepy , so I’ll blog bout it more tomorrow or whenever I have the time

Keep it up PM !

Kudos to our Prime Minister for taking a ride in our local public transportation system. I did not expect for him to come down and test out or local public transportation system. Guess our cries are being heard after all. After he went for a test drive , I guess he felt the pain and agony that we all are suffering currently from using public tranporstation (delays , no empty places – not to mention youths that do not give a seat to elderly folks  , those are just some for me to mention and ). Some relive for us (yeah you can now release them all). You can read the full news here from the star !

Where’s the train? Abdullah waiting with other passengers at the Serdang Komuter station yesterday. This is a daily routine for the commuters, who complained to the Prime Minister about poor train services. — Copyright Bernama
Where’s the train? Abdullah waiting with other passengers at the Serdang Komuter station yesterday. This is a daily routine for the commuters, who complained to the Prime Minister about poor train services. — Copyright Bernama

Anyway what concerns me more is that if our Prime Minster of Malaysia can come down and ‘test’ our public transportation system. Why can’t our Director of KTM,RapidKL come down and just use the public transportation system as an ordinary Malaysian. Apart from that , I am not sure why CEOs or the Top Dogs of multinational companies do not want to attend to customers cries. It would be cool to see if the reply a message or just to come down occasionally to solve something. Not only it improvises their image but also it builds up the confidence that the public needs – especially when it comes to improving a service. Now , if they do something like that the public would have more faith on them and they would be happy as well as their never-ending cries has brought something in return rather then being unheard. Besides the Prime Minister of Malaysia himself , I hope there will be more people that would follow his footsteps !

YA ! Not soo cheap Petrol again

This was unexpected move by the government (To tell you the truth , I didn’t expect them to revise the price this fast) to lower down the prices of fuel in our country. The new price (which takes effect from today onwards) for Petrol is RM2.55, whereas for Diesel its RM2.50. Its not much but its better then nothing. At least it would lease the burden of those who are using bigger CC cars. You can read the whole story from the Star by clicking on this URL ! (If you were expecting to me to report on the whole thing – you’re certainly wrong. I’m no reporter , I am just like any other Malaysian citizen who expresses out his thoughts and views on the current affairs are hot and fresh from the Oven !
P.S – Its baked fresh from the oven !

Yeah Yeah. Big deal you would say. Oh you want my thoughts eh and what I do think. Honestly thinking , I don’t think that by reducing the prices of petrol , the prices of goods would go down as well. As you know , once you have raised the prices of petrol , the prices of goods (such as Milk power , bread , mamak foods such as roti canai would go up). But when you lower down the price , the prices of good would stay as it as honestly think these people (those who are doing business) would start to mumble and moan when you ask them 1001 questions why haven’t the price reduced. they would just point fingers to the other parties saying that transportation cost went up , prices of raw materials to produce roti canai went up and all other cock and bull reasons that you have already heard enough (empathise on the word – enough and say it out a couple of times. Feel the anger within the word , ha there you go. Image if it was a student or those who are in the poorer income group – how would they feel – Do try to put yourself in their shoes and you’ll know what am I exactly talking about. Once again ,  do not expect the prices of good to fall. They may maintain at the same price until a drastic fall in the global market price of oil – by then we can expect the prices of petrol to go down drastically (if possible) and as a result of it , the prices of good should go down (technically speaking). For now , we can get more buck for every Ringgit that we have spent , but you will still have to save to buy your necessary goods , this includes the economy rice (Which is again not soo economical). Hopefully , there would be more Hybrid cars in Malaysia and not to forget with Hybrid cars – together we shall rule the world  make the world a better place

Superb Debate


Tonight was one of the bests debates that I’ve seen. The issues that they disused were something hot. I do have to admit that both parties were good in their debate , I would say equally good. From my view point , most of their points were pretty much on attacking one another instead of discussing the issue fully itself , that is how to solve issues on land problems and further improve the Penang Government. Anyhow , as a student myself I find it interesting to get the in-sight scoop on how they speak and how they think. Plus , I think they should have more of this kind of debates , so that many people will benefit for it , especially the rakyats (citizens). Broadcast it live in Television and Voila , the whole of Malaysia could spectate it and come up with their own judgement who is right and who is wrong , such debates also do encourages young Malaysians and even the old Malaysians alike to think out of the box and to choose the right people to manage and maintain their state government and then the whole country. Its after all , the choices of the citizen itself. Anyhow , I hope to see more of the debates in the coming future that has this same style as it would be educational and at the same time entertaining (well sort of) for the citizens to watch (Ey its better then watching Knight Rider) 
My Verdict : Its up to you (as a Citizen of a Malaysia) {If you aren’t , well uh….I don’t know what else to see. Maybe this case applies to your local politics too} to decide who is right and who is wrong. Who has the stronger point and the weaker one. There is no clear winner in debates. It is how you accept it and interpret it , after all you’ll have to use it your inner voice and your judgement to determine who is telling the truth and not. Trust me , your inner feelings and voice will never be wrong (maybe , but the probability of it being wrong is pretty slim – No I don’t have any factual evidence , I’m just saying it out of my experience) , that will guide you. It works for any case. Apart from that , I hope there will be more debates , I’m expecting one debate from the Indian Community. It would be great if they can focus on the issues which Indians in Malaysia are facing. Kudos again to the organisers for organising such a great debate for us to watch !. I’ll try to get if someone posted a youtube clip and update it !

Thumbs Up Maxis !

To sum it up everything its about how I’ve managed to clear the issue of my maxis broadband outstanding that maxis have miscalculated. I’ve to admit , Maxis Staffs were responsible and very quick to reply. I managed to solve the issue within 24 hours. Kudos to Maxis ! – Uh read if you want to know the whole story. The reason why I made in its own page mainly because it contains picture and lengthy texts and explanation. So if you’re the person who doesn’t love to read long-lengthy blog entry or if you’re on a slow internet connection then this summary will do the trick for you
(Hint Hint : If you have time kindly read the whole entry)
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Kudos to Malaysian Government !

First and foremost you should click on this url (Source : The Star)and read the complete article. I’m proud to say for once they have listened to the voices of rakyats (Citizens). Its a good thing that telcos fined RM 50 million for short-changing consumers. As we all know at most of our ISPs in Malaysia are contract based , meaning that you’ll have to sign up for a 12 months contract or 24 months contract. Suppose if their services starts to degenerate over time , its going to be hard for us consumers to ‘escape’ from their bond. There is no way for us to say ‘I’ve had enough with your service’. But thankfully for once our government did something benefited the rakyat (Kudos). On top of that to share more , today (on the 20th of August 2008) ,another shocking revealing for you guys – thats right Mr Darshan and The Secretary-general Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca) ,Muhammad Sha’ani Abdullah said that Government should publicise the fine. Its a good thing for me as consumers such as us can get to know what were their wrong doings and by doing this , the ISPs should be ashamed and instead of just thinking about making profit , try to do something that benefits the consumers. Come up with higher speed plans and new plans for gamers , heavy downloaders and the regular surfers instead of just 1 Plan !

I am Back & The Whole Explanation !

No No No , I’m not dead. I’ve just recently changed my host from 000webhost to Vlexo Phew , 000webhost sucks big time. I thought they were great but I guess they weren’t. The downtimes were the killer. Anyway , while looking around for free hosts in Google , I’ve stumbled across these guys.

Vlexo Hosting
Vlexo Hosting

They seem to be pretty good at offering free web space for hosted domains (such as mine). So I’ve decided to sign up for it  and Viola , I’ve to say that its pretty impressive. The Customer support certainly blows you away. I love how the staff entertains its users , even though its a free service but its world class. The Only catch is that they ask you to place their Advertisement in your site which I think is fine
I’ll see how it goes for the couple of days and write a full review about them. Oh yeah , I’ve some exicting news in store for you guys as well right from Maxis to P1. (Psst – they charged me RM 200). I’ll keep you posted on the issue tomorrow if I’ve time. But untill here for today. Just informing that my site is up and kickin’ !
Thanks again guys

Reviving a Dead Battery

Ever heard of reviving dead laptop batteries or those stub-born batteries that just wouldn’t charge properly. Fear not , I’ve a solution in store for you. Its bit long and lengthy with some of my flowery words. If your’re interested , continue to read. I thought it would be more appropriate for me to sum it up here instead of posting the whole tutorial !
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Customer Service Drama

Click the play button (No , seriously I mean it), No , its not a Rick Roll , Rock Song , some oldies music that just gets you pissed off (remember that good ol’ midi music that usually gets embbeded in someones myspace profile). Yeah , its long , its around ~30 minutes the whole thing. Honestly , you ask me , its worth it for you to listen.Now let us take a look at what are my thoughts – When I firstly read this I nearly fell off from my chair. I admit its just a metaphor but still the way how the lady treats the customer service agent – I feel pitty. Both sides to be blamed. The customer support representive shouldn’t be rude to the customer by saying its ‘”Your problem” . I find it to be bit rude , after all this is not an ISP for Pete’s Sake – whereby you can suggest to the customer saying that it could be at your end (i.e equipment and other things) , this is ASTRO. They control the frimware upgrades and everything as. All the customer can do is just watch the programmes whereas for ISPs , the customers will be using different modems with different software with different configurations. Its hard for them to figure it out as well. The lady on the other hand shouldn’t be giving a lecture (aka Lecture 101 : How to be a Customer Service Reprenstive). Surely , she was being nice to the guy by expressing out how he should behave and treat a customer , thats nice of the 2nd lady but honestly , if I were in that guy’s position – I wouldn’t be bothering about listening to some crazy lady giving me an advice on how to treat a customer. Secondly , the first lady shouldn’t be commeting on the customer support respenstive’s command of the language itself. She is not a linguist nor a English teacher to comment on one’s english- maybe she has a better proficiency of the langauge then the guy , but still that is way over the limit
Lastly , What I would like to point out is that a customer should behave as a customer first. If you can’t control your emotions , take a deep breath and then talk again. If the customer support respenstive is still being dumb. Just hang up and call again (But in this case its ASTRO and its very hard to reach them) , try to talk with another 1st level agent. Suppose if your problem isn’t solved then its time to demand for a supervisior. Be polite and maintain a polite tone at all costs – no matter if you’re angry , upset or just dissopinted that you couldn’t see the Olympic Games or EPL matches ! . As for being the customer support agent , you should try your best to pacify the customer by giving them some sort of hope (i.e its a technicial problem and I’ll try to resolve for you as soon as possible) rather then saying its their side of the problem. Even if its their fault , there is a way for them to say it out. Both parties must be polite and respect each other in order to get things done.
My 2 cents !