Top 5 Mistakes Done by New Bloggers

This was a long time thought that was in my inner feelings and thought of expressing it out rather then keeping it to myself  I believe that blogging and blogger should share a bond , its like you should understand and express out what that comes out from one’s heart rather then just thinking of making profit or taking non-sense. Even if you want to share on how to make money online (which I find most of them are set up by scammers as a bait to lure those who are seeking for true sites) which is bad. Really bad – Anyhow here are some of my tips for new bloggers alike  – I know its not related to my blog but there is no harm of expressing it out right ! – Again there is a limit to it – Just don’t corss the line and you should be safe ! . Anyhow , read more for some tips as I do not wish to clutter the whole blog! – This is targetted for new bloggers who have just stepped up from myspace , facebook , friendster and other social networks . But anyway this is what this techie (which is me) has to say

1. Cut the Annoying MP3s and background music
Another thing which I dislike about is how they embed MP3s and (worst MIDI tunes) in their blog. To be honest with you , I am more interested in your content rather then listening to your taste of music while reading. If I do come across with such sites , I would just hit the X button , as I find it annoying as firstly you’re wasting bandwidth and those who are on slower connections , would have to suffer. If you want to put music , its okay – Just make sure it doesn’t auto play. suppose if the reader is bored and he/she wants to tune in to your tastes then let him/her hit the play button
2. Write something in brief and in simple
This is what my Dad always say – Write something which is simple and make sure that the message is sent across. This is very important. I know the english language is a vibrant language and its niche for its native speakers and folks who enjoy the language itself. Express out your main idea first and then start off with your deep thoughts. Yes , I do know what you’re trying to say. Sometimes I can be very long winded. Express your main point first and then go on. If you would like to make your blog readable and you want people to spend more time – right something from your heart then just writing to make some bucks. If you do that , you’ll attract more readers. Let me give you a very good example , our former Malaysian Prime Minister’s blog , chedet is a very good . Just take a look at how Dr. Mahathir expresses his idea out – Simple and it gets straight to the point (Psst I’m getting there – I promise :P)
3. Selection of colours ,background and your content
For Heaven’s Sake – Your blog isn’t your friendster or myspace profile. I know some of you love to express it out yourself. When you’re putting your blog in the internet (yes I know its your blog) , just make sure your blog is readable. Wrong combination of colours and crazy background may chase readers away as it makes them difficult to read. We don’t want to chase them don’t we. There are many people out there that would have similar experience on what you have blogged or you have posted – but do make sure that you make sure that its readable by uncles and aunties (adults). 
4. Don’t create blogs just to make money 
This is a common problem. Some of the blogs which I’ve visited has no content (when i say no content , its pretty much copy and paste from other blogs or sites – This is bad , in fact you  can get sued). Usually , advertisers are interested in your content and how you write. If you write something unique or your life experience , you’ll bring in more advertisers. Oh , don’t expect to be rich in the first run (this is a wrong assumption). Suppose if you want to place advertisements in your blogs , make sure you write good content ,then apply. Once you are accepted then you are into promoting your blog so that the whole world knows. There are many blogs and sites that talk on how to promote your blog and make money. You may want to google for it. But just watch out for bogus sites
5. Don’t Rip Content Purely & Make Sure to Credit Them
This is a very habit , sometimes we steal pictures from Google Images and other sites and then just paste. This should be stopped (in fact you can get used if the image is copyrighted). This is why always when i copy and paste images which are found in the Internet , I’ll link it back to the original source. Always give credits or state where you got this image found . If you don’t , its not a big deal but maybe one unlucky day you’ll be in the soup (Trust me , you dont want to be in the soup). This is also gives a bad impression to your visitors as you’re lifting content without writing your own content. If you don’t have content to write , then take an issue that you love  , for example Computers and Networking. Find an article somewhere in the internet – link it . Then just express your thoughts. I am sure people would be interested to know what to you think about it. Alternatively you can blog about yourself , and say it out in the world wide web. If you want to water mark your pictures (have you seen those nice pictures with water mark) , you could use this cool service which I’ve found in the Internet , it watermarks your pictures automatically , you can test this free service out by clicking here . That is another good way to protect your picture as well , so that nobody would steal your content. As for protecting your material , you may want to sign up for Creative Commons so that people don’t rip your data purely and allows you specific on how they should credit you and other things. Plus it changes from all Rights reserved to some rights reserved. After all sharing is caring right (pfft , this calls for world domination)
NOTE # 1 : My Friend , D_s_X(klosure)  expressed it that that if you’re using nuffnang , you shouldn’t nagging (digg) your own post. I didn’t know that , thats something new !
NOTE # 2 : OMG , I guess I broke the record , i’ve received -2 nangs. Bah , even I didn’t follow what I’ve said. 
NOTE # 3 – Anyway , if you want to improve your blog , you’ll have to face hard criticism. Yes , just lure it out. Just bash me , or rant. I am all ears and I am not going to censor anything (unless it contains a lot of profanity) 
NOTE #4 – Never ever self promote your blog. I’ve learnt my lesson as well – Best of all On My Country’s Independence Day 
So my advice is just be yourself. You don’t have to over do it by posting crap. Just post on stuff that matters and things that you’re good at it. If you want to be successful , start with something simple and then slowly move on , gradual progress. I’m not a professional blogger but I am just sharing out my view on what I think is important to build a better blog and together lets create a better blogosphere ! I’m wishing you all the best and i hope that the tips that I’ve posted would help you more

21 thoughts to “Top 5 Mistakes Done by New Bloggers”

  1. Point no.5 is the best!
    Don’t Rip Content Purely & Make Sure to Credit Them
    Wow, This is freaking original~~~~Seriously! This is the best advice I’ve heard. You deserve an award or 20~~~
    New bloggers?
    What about top mistakes done by experienced bloggers? No ones seem to be able to address that issue….

  2. I agree with some stuff you said though at times I don’t link back the site where I stole the pictures. Hehe. thought it din matter.. but now that you said it… I think i better do that. Makes me feel so bad for getting the pics and not linking to the original site. Btw, thanks for the watermark link. =)

  3. I am recently having a trouble with a copy-cat blogger. She not only ripped my image but also copied a paragraph of my own thoughts word by word. Worst still, she disabled her comment section and has no chatboxes for me to rectify her wrong-doings.
    Anyway, good post Pradeesh!

  4. well said! but this doesn’t apply only on new bloggers, a lot of old bloggers then to put music too.
    About the nang dang thing, I don’t get why is this troop or anti-selfnang army rising up. Weird.

  5. Yeah! I agree with you.
    Especially about the annoying MP3s and background music. I hate that!
    Sometime i just got so frustrated and just click the X button at the far right.
    btw, nice post. 😉

  6. What’s wrong with Nanging my own post, it really doesn’t matter because there’s so many self-righteous Danger like tiuniasing and NathlovesAlvin out there to dang a self-nanged post.

  7. juz passing by, but argee to your points. especially ‘Don’t Rip Content Purely’. There’s nothing wrong if you come across something interesting that you would wanna share to others, but please credit to the owner. Else, it would be no difference to a theft.

  8. hi… i’ve already broken ur rule no.1 & 2, lol =P
    thanks for the tips, tho’ i can’t fully agree with you =) but i do agree with rule no.3, 4, 5 tho’ =)
    i’ve had a large number of visitors commenting that they’ve enjoyed my playlist on my blog, so I think I’ll leave it there. As for writing briefly and simply… i’m trying, i’m trying!! =D hehehe
    I’ll nang u anyway, ‘cos i like ur post =)

  9. Nice post dude…Agree what you said…don’t rip content purely.
    the MP3 in some blog really divert my attention and I end up clicking the mp3 menu. Haha

  10. hmm i think i don’t break any above rules 😀 Yea, the 5th rule is the most important. Not only for blogging, any writing or reports included as well.
    Honestly i pretty sick with those BG music blogs. Usually i will quickly close. You can put music box on your blog, but the thing is disable the auto-play music please.

  11. I totally agree with Point No 1: MP3 and background music.
    Unless your blog is about making music, background music is an absolute no-no. Even then, you should always allow the visitor to choose whether to switch it on or not.

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