Improving your Internet (Streamyx) Connection

This guide tells you how to improve your Streamyx Connection for International sites by several ways and even other ISPs too. Most of the methods I’ve mentioned here are free and they don’t cost you a single cent. So if you’re having issues. Oh yeah , its narrated in my point of view (First Person’s Point of view). Think of it as another story book -but with a twist of course. In this lesson , I’ll be introducing to you a free VPN Service and I’ll be teaching you how to create a SSH connection (Nah this is not a typical use proxy and bypass solution) . So think of it as a three-in-one lesson. After all, Downloading stuff Learning is a life long journey ! – Let the journey begin

As well all know , streamyx is in famous for their crappy International links. Lets face it , a 5 minutes YouTube clip takes around 30 minutes to buffer (I’m not joking). So this morning , I did a speed test to prove my hypothesis saying that ‘TM’s International Gateway is congested’. Firstly let me tell you that¬† I’m on the 2Mbps package (Yeah , I’ve been getting around 1.6Mbps to 1.8Mbps and as for my upload its bit funny as I’m getting a bit higher then the default 384Kbps limit). Anyhow that isn’t important in this case. So let us do a speed test shall we , so I went to and did two speed tests (picked a server one in Kuala Lumpur and the other one in Singapore , just to compare and contrast to find the average speed. I’m shocked to see that I’m getting 80% of the advertised speed for my downstream which is 1638Kbps and I’ve nothing to add more to my upload speed , in fact I’m getting more then I should deserve. This tells us that our connection is fine to KL Servers , which is very important. Suppose if you’re speed is less then 80% of the advertised speed (i.e for 1Mbps users it will be around 810Kbps) , then you are having some issues. Now let us extend our test further shall we

So I thought of testing out my connectivity by running a speed test to verify that my connection is okay when it comes to International links. Ha I was surprised to see when I got this result. I’m speechless *gulp*. Just take a look at for yourself as a picture explains thousand words (which saves me from explaining in English). Once again there is no point to call TM Customer Care Line and rant saying that it takes ages to buffer YouTube. Most likely they are just going to ignore you……..

So now what can you do ? Cry ? Call Joker ? Batman ? – The list goes on and on (Read below to find out what you can do). Anxious ? I bet you are. Go on , just don’t stare at your screen and cry
Oh common , there must be a way to improvise the connection. I mean if there is a will , there is a way. So I’ve managed to come up with some good remedies to cure up. Lets take a look at them , shall we ?
Behold , the remedies. Lets go with my first remedy shall we, that is by using Hotspot Shield. Hotspot shield is actually a free VPN Service (much like those pay ones out there) to bypass restrictions or what-so-ever imposed by your ISP (provided that the International link is “okay”) . The main purpose that they created this free VPN service is that for WiFi and Wired users who are in public networks and they wish to secure their session (Remember guys , Big Brother is always watching you). So what it does is it basically tunnels everything to their server , which is great (in other words you aren’t being routed to TM’s server). Everything just uses their route. On top of that you’ll get an US IP address which is cool and it allows you to sign up for some crazy offers. Just remember not to abuse this service.

Hotspot Tunnel Configuration Tool - Click on the image to enlarge
Hotspot Tunnel Configuration Tool - Click on the image to enlarge

This service works well and it works for all platforms (Windows and Macintosh). Trust me , my speed went up a bit after using this service. Here are some screenies for you guys to take a look and it and I’ve done a speed test. But there is one disadvantage though , this service is ad-supported , meaning that there will be ads as you surf the Internet. Uh , after all there is no such thing as Free VPN !. Plus the upload went down a bit , I guess on normal times its bit fast , but in this trial , the speed went down and the upload speed increased by a significant amount

Next up which is my favorite method is bypassing by using SSH Tunnel. I’ve a server set up by my friend in the United States and he gave me a Shell Account which is great as last time when I was a developer , I used his server to compile my applications and distribute it. But now its collecting dust and it serves no purpose other then just checking out how fast it downloads ! What most of us don’t know is that besides serving as a Shell (for you to use) , it can be used as a Free VPN alternative , that is by tunneling connection and this is known as SSH Tunneling. What it does is that , SSH allows us to create a virtual tunnel (aka a proxy server) between our PC and the server . Its another way to protect your privacy and at the same time. If you’re wondering if there are any Free SSH accounts , you may want click this list of free SSH accounts and try your luck. Otherwise you may get a SSH Shell for USD$1 from Silenceisdefeat. So lets get started
For Linux/MacOS X users,  all you have to do is fire up your terminal and type something like this :-

ssh -D <port> [email protected]

Click to get a larger view of this picture

D here stands for create a Dynamic Port , which will act as a local SOCKS proxy 5 server which directs all request from the local computer to the remote computer
As for Windows users , you’ll have to download a client called Putty by clicking here. Putty is a SSH/Telnet client for Windows and it works with Vista and as well as Windows XP. Let us configure Putty shall we.
Firstly specific your host name that you would like to connect to (in this case its , which is my SSH host. You’ll have to insert your SSH server address. It varies from provider to provider).

Putty - Click on the picture to enlarge the image
Putty (Step 1) - Click on the picture to enlarge the image

Then click go to SSH options (which can be found in the side bar) and then hit Tunnels. Now come up with your own port number , in this case I prefer to use port 1080. Then choose the Dynamic Option and add. Go back to the main menu and hit connect.
Putty (Step II) - Click on the image to enlarge
Putty (Step II) - Click on the image to enlarge the image

You’ll be asked to key-in your user name and password. Just enter them as provided by your SSH Provider. Voila , once you have logged on you should see a *nix Terminal.
Minimize it and launch your favorite Web Browser. No no no, just not yet – You’ll have to configure it properly. In this case we are using Firefox 3 (for Windows). To configure proxy for Firefox 3 , all you have to do is hit Tools , then select Options. Once a new window emerged (not really ermegered , I would say popped out) , hit the Advanced Button then select the network tab. Hit the settings button. Then choose manually configure my proxy connection and leave blank for everything except for SOCKS proxy. Make sure to fill the address for the SOCKS proxy as localhost and the port that you have chosen for Putty , in this case its 1080.If you have no clue on what I’ve saying or if my text is too complex for you to understand. Take a look at this screen shot below and I think you can figure it out that by yourself
Click to get a larger view of this picture
Click to get a larger view of this picture

Here is the speed test that you guys have been waiting for.

Ta Da , its now 460Kbps++.Now thats easy , from 100Kbps to 200Kbps and now to 400Kbps. Its all possible with the methods that I’ve mentioned.
What I would like to conclude here is that by using the methods which I have suggested above. Unlike the traditional proxy that you can get it free from the Internet , those proxy servers are not secure and they are prone to security flaws , meaning that your data isn’t safe when you use the proxy. But by using the solution that I’ve mentioned above , you can sit back and relax saying that your data is safe as both of them use SSL encryption to encrypt the data and send it to their servers. Of course its not 100% secure , but it does provide some level of anonymity in the Internet and the same time gives some umph to your Internet connection. Oh yeah , YouTube streaming works better now (and its much more better). Trust me , you better try it as its blow you away.

12 thoughts to “Improving your Internet (Streamyx) Connection”

  1. hey im doing fine till
    that we have to put the socks thing on firefox
    my prob is just that after i put the socks localhost everything and
    when i click ok
    and i open it back it just gone
    it just back to nothing
    i also tried on IE7 no luck

    1. Well why would want to disable SSH in the first place ? Its just simple , close putty if you want to turn it off and to turn it on start putty. I hope that is what you mean !

  2. if you pass the -C switch to SSH (or enable compression in Putty) then the socks traffic will be compressed – should improve your speed further.

  3. Hi, Try reading your article but find it quite straining to my eyes due the the background color and the color of the text. The brown background with the grey wordings is quite hard to read.

  4. thanks for sharing.
    i tried the method 2 (SSH Tunnel). i managed to registered a freeshell at everything ran smoothly as per your instruction, until i changed the setting in Firefox as per your instruction (me on Firefox 3.6), and it cant connect to internet anymore.
    can you give some advise, pls? thanks.

  5. same as wayne, everything is fine until I changed the settings in firefox. I register SSH at
    I was wondering how to register an account at Please advice, thanks!

  6. i realized that the freeshell at sdf dont allow ssh tunneling. you actually need to become a PAID member (36 bucks) to have tunneling….well, fair enuf, there is no free lunch any where. cheers~

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