P1Wimax : Drills For Facts (In-Depth Analysis)

Its great to see there is a new Internet Service provider in town , that claims to be better then TM Streamyx and all other ISPs. Well , firstly lets take a look at their pricing structure to see if its competitive or not. You can take a look below , these are their current charges and it comes along with the Free WiMax modem , but then you’re tied down with minimum contract of 12 months , which again sucks. We all do know that we hate contracts – don’t we !. Anyhow , scroll below to see their current promotional prices and compare it with their normal pricing scheme which I’ve posted below

P1 Pricing Structure
P1 Promotional Pricing Structure

P1s Standard Pricing
P1's Standard Pricing

Compare and Contrast. For their normal package , it seems to be bit cheaper but do not get carried away as you’ll have to fork out RM 999 for the modem. Yes people , the modem costs you RM 999. Its certainly going to burn a hole in your pocket. So if you’re a student you may want to think twice before subscribing to this service. That’s just the price of the modem , you’ll have to pay a whopping RM 1099 for the upfront fees . Thats not cheap , I would think twice before registering this service as WiMax is something new and we do not much about this company (Their Internet capacity , Their Background and other things). Of course the reason why people choose Maxis , Celcom and DiGi as an alternative broadband to Streamyx is that these companies are established and its listed in KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange , i.e Maxis). If you’re from P1 (or if you know anyone from P1) , just here our cries. Reduce the price of the modem or bundle it together with your package for 12/24 months. In other words , we will pay it as installments , tnow that would ease the burden and more people would register for your service rather then selling the modem. I find it would be worth it if P1 rents the modem rather then selling the modem. After all , the modem is locked to P1 and its not certain if P1 will unlock the modem and enable the modem to be hooked up with another WiMax provider. This defeats the purpose of having the modem , whereas for ADSL Modems (your regular streamyx modem) and 3G/HSPDA Mobile modems (those tiny ones) , they do have demand in the market – Meaning that you can sell your old modem in the market and there would be still potential buyers. Now thats for the modem price.
Now let us take a look at their Terms and Coniditons , shall we
Quoted from P1’s Terms and Condition for WiMax Service ( Retrieved on Thrusday , 28th of August 2008) – Click on this link to download
Excerpt from P1s WiMax Terms and Condition
Excerpt from P1's WiMax Terms and Condition

Now read that part of T&C . There is a bandwidth limit imposed here and it clearly states a users aren’t allowed to exceed 20GB of Data Limit. This is bad for heavy peer-to-peer users and those who loves to surf YouTube and sites which are  rich in multimedia content. So think again. Plus they have rights to throttle your bandwidth at any time. Let us make comparison with few of ISPs which are in Malaysia. I am going to put it in simple english so that you’ll understand :-

  • TM Streamyx – Wired Service – No bandwidth limit – Throttles Peer-2-Peer Traffic – Acceptable        (At least you can use VPN Service or enable Packet Encrpytion without worrying about you exceeding the data limit as TM doesn’t set any caps. Thank God for “Unlimited” Broadband ! )
  • JARING Flite – Wired/Wireless – No bandwidth limit – Doesn’t throttle Peer-2Peer-Traffic – Acceptable (Limited coverage , thats the only draw back. Plus there aren’t much users who are using JARING so its not an issue here. That is why they aren’t bothered about thorttling peer to peer traffic. Sooner or later they might do it)
  • Maxis Broadband – Wireless/Wired – Bandwidth limit – Throttles Peer-2-Peer Traffic – Acceptable (This is due to the nature of 3G whereby bandwidth are shared among users. This is why they have to impose bandwidth limit – 3.6Mbps is in fact not a dedicated bandwidth and throughput isn’t guaranteed)
  • Celcom Broadband – Wireless – Bandwidth Limit – Doesn’t Thorttle P2P Traffic – Accepctable        (Celcom seems to be the only provider whereby they do not thorttle p2p traffic. I guess its simple as they only limit you up to 5GB. Once you have reached your limit , they’ll cap you to 64Kbps (384Kbps package) and 128Kbps (for the 3.6Mbps package users). Its fair I guess , you are allowed to do anyhting as you like but once you have reached our 5GB Limit , we will set a limit on you. Heh ,neat trick eh. The reason why they impose cap is because the nature of the technology itself !)

Note : When I say limiation & nature of technology , what do I mean is this – Our Cell towers are assigned for Voice (phone calls) , SMS and of course data. Voice calls are pirotise and then followed by SMS and lastly Data services (in this case 3G Broadband). This is why our bandwidth is not constant at all times – you should know if you’re using a 3G Wireless Broadband !
Lets compare these ISPs that I’ve posted with P1 – You’ll notice that P1 imposes both of it whereby its running own its own specturm whereby its not being shared by voice services or other things. If they really want to be competitve and to survive in our local broadband market , they have to do something very quick , otherwise its just going to be another failure. I wonder why our government did not give the tender to DiGi , I’m sure they can come up with a better plan and service then P1. Oh yes , I forget to add it , P1 service doesn’t allow you to host any thing much like Maxis and Celcom whereby they block your incoming ports , which is again bad if you plan to run your own home-grown counter-strike server or plan to host a DOTA Server. Not to mention the latency is bit high compared to normal wired connection
Whats my verdict you ask – P1 Broadband seems to be appealing for some user groups who are just tired of Streamyx and want a change.So far their service is reliable and its pretty simple to do it. However this service is not meant for power users who are looking for more power to unlock the potential of broadband , especially kaki p2p (heavy torrent users) and gamers. This broadband isn’t meant for you. Lets take a look at the pros and cons to sum things up shall we !
Pros :

  1. Its WiMax Baby – You have the protability once they have expanded their service that is
  2. You don’t have to have Phone lines – Its ideal for those who can’t get TM fixed line to register for Streamyx
  3. Its plug and play – Its nicely done by P1 guys turning that modem into a router. So all the consumer has to do is plug and play. They don’t have to create a dialer or configure up the modem. Its all pre-configured (which is bad for hard core users such as me who prefers to have more control over their connection)
  4. Automatic QoS – It automatically detects type of traffic and serves you better. In other words you can stream youtube while multi-tasking (lets say downloading windows patches)

Cons :-

  1. No control over the connection – Its everything done and defeats the purpose of having an always-on connection. I would prefer if they give more control such as the ability to connect manually and not being NAT’ed. In other words , the Modem acts a Router as well
  2. Modem Price – Seriously , they should reduce the price of the modem or consider to bundle along with the package (in o ther words by renting out the modem). At least they could make some money out of it rather then selling the modem
  3. Bandwidth limitation – Its 20GB and 20GB isn’t enough for rich multimedia packed sites. You’ll be needing at least 60GB !

So P1 , if you’re reading my blog entry – I would like to say do take my constructive feedback and do find a way to improve your broadband service. I’m sure once you have stepped up , Malaysians would have more choices of choosing their new Internet Service Provider. To the rest of you guys , I hoped you guys understand what I’ve said here. please do post your feedbacks as I would love to hear your thoughts and feedbacks

10 thoughts to “P1Wimax : Drills For Facts (In-Depth Analysis)”

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  2. 20GB or 60GB…Let’s think rational. If P1 is really providing a good service….20GB isn’t enuf but on the other way round, you wouldn’t reach 20GB a month if they are as slow as TM Streamyx.
    So bottom line is, if they are fast…20GB could really download a lot of stuff here…but of course for heavy torrent users….well..you will have to win some and lose some.
    I think they will not limit and stop your internet usage but they would most likely throttle down your bandwidth for the time being.
    On the other way round…being Malaysian…I think the T&C are just there to scare ppl away …they may not do anything because there are just too many users.
    All in….it’s just my personal opinions 🙂

  3. 20GB is just way too little. thats like what? 2 seasons of a tv show? i could do that in 2 days with streamyx. if they sold bandwith tiered packages (eg 20gb, 40, 60, 80, 100) like they do in australia id be giving them all the business i could right now.

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