Need your feedback !

Hey Guys and Gurls,
I truly need your feedback on my blog. Currently , I’ve disabled mandatory registration to post comments (which I think it somewhat sucks whereby you have to go and register yourself just to post). Anyhow , please post your thoughts , criticism and even suggestions on how i should improve my blog. Secondly , do you think I should continue in this style (mix of technological stuff and whats going on around the globe and Malaysia) or shall I just empathise more on technological stuff such as reviewing ISPs, posting tips and tricks on networking and writing more guides. Please , do leave some sort of comment. I truly value your feedback as it enables me to ‘connect’ with you and what you want. Oh yeah let me know what kind of stories you want me to blog on. Maybe who knows if there is demand for it , they will be supply for it as well.
P.S – Don’t worry I’ve lots of things to write. Just preparing the materials and will write more on issues that matters most for all of us ! 
Thats about it
Yours truly,
Pradeesh aka prasys !

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