I'm back & Well Done Streamyx !

Oh Dear Blog,
You don’t know how much I miss you – Yes , in fact I feel that I was torn apart when I wasn’t able to blog or write an entry. Anyhow , I bet you’ll be happy as I’ve managed to put a smile in your face by writing this new entry
……Psst , thats not my style !
Anyhow , lets get back to the reality , as I’ve posted earlier – I was (in fact) having some issues with my DSL (Ack , remember the blinking DSL Light  , yeah thats the one) . For the past 3 days , my DSL light was blinking like a Christmas tree (day and night). Today (this evening) , while driving back to home – Telekom folks called me to check up on hows my status. I said to them that it was still blinking (when I checked in the morning and I asked them to call 5 minutes later). Later once I’ve reached home , they called me again to find out on the status , and this time I said the same ol’ thingy (Yeah some of you may say – be sarcastic  and just shout – there is no point of me shouting at the technician as he was polite). Moments later , I was filled with tears of joy (uh overwhelmed) to be exact they fixed it. Oh boy you must see the expression in my face – I thanked that guy couple of times for fixing it. Anyhow , it was quite fast for Telekom people to rectify the issue , it took them 2 days to do it (actually the problem can be solved within a day but yesterday I wasn’t able to pick up a call as I was busy – in class – duh).
On the other hand, I’ve bought a new modem (D-link DSL-520T) last Saturday for RM 99. Its a bit pricey but it seems to be cool and sexy. Anyway , here is the picture of the modem. I am testing this modem and I’ll let you know on how it goes. Expect a full review soon , and as for the QoS Guide – its on its way. Yeah I know most of you guys are anxious !. Here is the picture of my modem (isn’t she cute – I still need to decide on what shall I name her as. I’ll come up with a name). My telekom modem (aka DB102 is now my current back-up modem , just in-case if D-link fails or if just incase something funny happens)

My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem
My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem (Click to Enlarge)


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