Bye-Bye Beijing'08 and say hello to London'Fi12

Finally , its over the whole ceremony is over just in a blink of an eye. You waited so long for it and when you realised that its started , bam – its already over. Thats how fast time moves. Anyhow I would like to congratulate our Malaysian Badminton player , for at least putting our country’s name in the medal tally list. Well done and I’m so proud to be a Malaysian. Anyhow , what concerns me is that , I stumbled across this 2012 Logo which was posted in the message board. What that attracted me is that some guy who posted this picture on how they came up with the whole 2012 concept 
Anyhow , its just his idea and what I want to express it out is that. I find it bit interesting  to see that many people have many thoughts on how they invented the Olympic logo for the 2012 Olympics in London. Isn’t that amazing , this truly shows how our mind thinks and interprets something that we view. This is why we have different perception on cosmetics , clothing , food and not to mention our selection of words on expressing our thoughts and ideas. I leave that up to you , so that you have something to think. There are other theories that I’ve found in the Internet on how they created this logo. Anyhow , hopefully our locals would be able to get a gold medal in this next Olympics. All the best to them and all the best to other countries. Its about celebrating humanity !

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