YA ! Not soo cheap Petrol again

This was unexpected move by the government (To tell you the truth , I didn’t expect them to revise the price this fast) to lower down the prices of fuel in our country. The new price (which takes effect from today onwards) for Petrol is RM2.55, whereas for Diesel its RM2.50. Its not much but its better then nothing. At least it would lease the burden of those who are using bigger CC cars. You can read the whole story from the Star by clicking on this URL ! (If you were expecting to me to report on the whole thing – you’re certainly wrong. I’m no reporter , I am just like any other Malaysian citizen who expresses out his thoughts and views on the current affairs are hot and fresh from the Oven !
P.S – Its baked fresh from the oven !

Yeah Yeah. Big deal you would say. Oh you want my thoughts eh and what I do think. Honestly thinking , I don’t think that by reducing the prices of petrol , the prices of goods would go down as well. As you know , once you have raised the prices of petrol , the prices of goods (such as Milk power , bread , mamak foods such as roti canai would go up). But when you lower down the price , the prices of good would stay as it as honestly think these people (those who are doing business) would start to mumble and moan when you ask them 1001 questions why haven’t the price reduced. they would just point fingers to the other parties saying that transportation cost went up , prices of raw materials to produce roti canai went up and all other cock and bull reasons that you have already heard enough (empathise on the word – enough and say it out a couple of times. Feel the anger within the word , ha there you go. Image if it was a student or those who are in the poorer income group – how would they feel – Do try to put yourself in their shoes and you’ll know what am I exactly talking about. Once again ,  do not expect the prices of good to fall. They may maintain at the same price until a drastic fall in the global market price of oil – by then we can expect the prices of petrol to go down drastically (if possible) and as a result of it , the prices of good should go down (technically speaking). For now , we can get more buck for every Ringgit that we have spent , but you will still have to save to buy your necessary goods , this includes the economy rice (Which is again not soo economical). Hopefully , there would be more Hybrid cars in Malaysia and not to forget with Hybrid cars – together we shall rule the world  make the world a better place

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