Superb Debate


Tonight was one of the bests debates that I’ve seen. The issues that they disused were something hot. I do have to admit that both parties were good in their debate , I would say equally good. From my view point , most of their points were pretty much on attacking one another instead of discussing the issue fully itself , that is how to solve issues on land problems and further improve the Penang Government. Anyhow , as a student myself I find it interesting to get the in-sight scoop on how they speak and how they think. Plus , I think they should have more of this kind of debates , so that many people will benefit for it , especially the rakyats (citizens). Broadcast it live in Television and Voila , the whole of Malaysia could spectate it and come up with their own judgement who is right and who is wrong , such debates also do encourages young Malaysians and even the old Malaysians alike to think out of the box and to choose the right people to manage and maintain their state government and then the whole country. Its after all , the choices of the citizen itself. Anyhow , I hope to see more of the debates in the coming future that has this same style as it would be educational and at the same time entertaining (well sort of) for the citizens to watch (Ey its better then watching Knight Rider) 
My Verdict : Its up to you (as a Citizen of a Malaysia) {If you aren’t , well uh….I don’t know what else to see. Maybe this case applies to your local politics too} to decide who is right and who is wrong. Who has the stronger point and the weaker one. There is no clear winner in debates. It is how you accept it and interpret it , after all you’ll have to use it your inner voice and your judgement to determine who is telling the truth and not. Trust me , your inner feelings and voice will never be wrong (maybe , but the probability of it being wrong is pretty slim – No I don’t have any factual evidence , I’m just saying it out of my experience) , that will guide you. It works for any case. Apart from that , I hope there will be more debates , I’m expecting one debate from the Indian Community. It would be great if they can focus on the issues which Indians in Malaysia are facing. Kudos again to the organisers for organising such a great debate for us to watch !. I’ll try to get if someone posted a youtube clip and update it !

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