Kudos to Malaysian Government !

First and foremost you should click on this url (Source : The Star)and read the complete article. I’m proud to say for once they have listened to the voices of rakyats (Citizens). Its a good thing that telcos fined RM 50 million for short-changing consumers. As we all know at most of our ISPs in Malaysia are contract based , meaning that you’ll have to sign up for a 12 months contract or 24 months contract. Suppose if their services starts to degenerate over time , its going to be hard for us consumers to ‘escape’ from their bond. There is no way for us to say ‘I’ve had enough with your service’. But thankfully for once our government did something benefited the rakyat (Kudos). On top of that to share more , today (on the 20th of August 2008) ,another shocking revealing for you guys – thats right Mr Darshan and The Secretary-general Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca) ,Muhammad Sha’ani Abdullah said that Government should publicise the fine. Its a good thing for me as consumers such as us can get to know what were their wrong doings and by doing this , the ISPs should be ashamed and instead of just thinking about making profit , try to do something that benefits the consumers. Come up with higher speed plans and new plans for gamers , heavy downloaders and the regular surfers instead of just 1 Plan !

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