Reviving a Dead Battery

Ever heard of reviving dead laptop batteries or those stub-born batteries that just wouldn’t charge properly. Fear not , I’ve a solution in store for you. Its bit long and lengthy with some of my flowery words. If your’re interested , continue to read. I thought it would be more appropriate for me to sum it up here instead of posting the whole tutorial !

My COMPAQ Presario M2512AU’s Power Adapter was dead for the past two months (to tell you the truth it was my second power adapter). Anyhow , let me get back to the story , I went to Mid Valley Mega Mall yesterday to get the power adapter and 1GB of DDR1 266Mhz RAM for my laptop (the power adapter costed me RM 160 and as for the RAM it was RM 285). Its not that cheap I’ve to admit but 512MB of RAM isn’t enough , especially when your Video card consumes 32-128MB of your RAM. Oh okay , enough of beating around the bushes. Let me get to my point – So I did plug in and left my laptop to charge overnight, but the next day I’ve find out that it did not charge fully. Crap I said to myself , I thought its going to be the end for my laptop. Then my dad said something about putting the battery into a zip-bag into the freezer. I thought to myself – “Is the old man crazy or is he out of his mind ?”. As usual , when you have an unanswered question its time for you to use Yahoo Answers Google

My Compaq Presario M2512AU - Discharging the battery
My Compaq Presario M2512AU - Discharging the battery

Anyhow , after searching – I’ve stumbled across this video on metacafe , that shows a step-by-step video on how to do it. So I did follow the guide (Ey a huge risk is involved here people , its one of those crazy tricks that you see in the Internet without any logic). So firstly I discharged it (took a picture of it, you can check above) by running [email protected] Client and other CPU intensive application , just make sure you disable power management and it should just discharge your battery less then an hour (it took me 20 minutes to discharge the whole thing from 80% to 0%). After that I took a zipper bag , its not really a bag I would say , but rather a see through plastic with a zipper , put my battery inside and stored it the freezer.

My Compaqs battery inside the zipper bag which was taken out from the freezer
My Compaq's battery inside the zipper bag which was taken out from the freezer

Left it overnight for 10 hours , took it out the next morning. Left it to dry, so that thermal equilibrium can be reached (in other words , to dry it up). Inserted it back to my laptop and let it to charge. At first it charged very fast , from 0-100% it took about 15 minutes. Currently , I am discharging it and let it to recharge for couple of times , till its okay back. But the good news is that it charges up to 100%. I guess that did the trick anyway. So if you’re having issues with your battery (it does not mater if its your camcorder battery , your laptop battery or your digital camera battery). Anyway you should try it (of course I am not held responsible if something went wrong) and so far I haven’t managed to get the chemistry behind it. If someone knows how this process actually helps to revive the battery do let me know. This is all for today ! (I admit the pictures suck , I’ll try to use a digital camera to take pictures next time – I hope so !

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