Saiful : But Why Now ?

Saiful bukhari Azlan
Saiful bukhari Azlan

I am sure that most of you have read this article on Saiful swearing on the Quran (just click the link and read). But my question is why did he do it now , I mean the first thing one would do after being sodomised is to swear first , and take both legal actions and of course to take action by using Islamic laws. But as you have all read but why it took him such a long time to do it. I’m not sure if he was really sodomised or not – I leave that up to you to decide. But what I think is that he should have done long time ago , if he really was sodomised. But alas , we will leave that up to the public to decide.
What I would like to express is that only God knows the truth. We (as humans) don’t really know if he was really telling the truth or lying !

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